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How To Be An Extraordinarily Fast Bartender

Aug 28, 2007
Your speed and efficiency behind the bar is crucial to your level of tips as well as the quality of bar you can work at. So, how does one become a faster bartender? Speed and efficiency are the two primary ingredients of a "fast" bartender. Efficiency is working "smarter," exerting raw speed is working

With that said...please do not underestimate the importance of speed. Both efficiency and speed are crucial to becoming a fast, money-making bartender. Just because you're efficient doesn't mean you can slack it behind the bar, being efficient simply means you won't be wasting any effort.

If you've ever been "in the weeds," you know that there's no time to waste...you're flying and moving as quickly as possible! Having a systemized, efficient bar setup will allow your night to flow... you'll be able to effortlessly stay in the zone without hitting any unnecessary "speed-bumps."

Being "in the weeds" will no longer take you over. You'll actually find yourself relishing the opportunity to be behind the bar when it gets crazy!

Increasing your actual speed, like anything, comes with practice. If you're concerned about your speed, try practicing pouring shots over your kitchen sink at home. Does this sound crazy? Well, in my early days I did exactly that. I would fill up an empty liquor bottle with water, stick a pour spout in it, and just crank out shots as fast as possible.

Doing this for just 10 minutes a day will drastically increase your shot pouring speed in as little as a week! You can also try setting up a few different bottles with water to more closely resemble an actual behind-the-bar experience...where you're moving back and forth, grabbing different bottles, etc.

Some people laugh at these silly training exercises, but I'll tell you what, they work. That is the difference between the bartenders out there who are able to pull in $800 a night, consistently and the ones that go home with fifty bucks. Believe me, professional bartenders take what they do seriously, and practice they do, especially when they were first getting into the business.

Your income as a bartender depends completely on the tips you receive, and the only way you can increase your tips is by being a better bartender. Become a better bartender by increasing your speed and efficiency. Believe me, in a crowded bar or night club, people are waiting long enough just to order a drink, the last thing they want to do is wait for you to fumble the bottles around and take forever making their drink.

If you make it so fast that it impresses them, they will leave you a good tip and come find you every time they need a drink. And with each drink comes a healthy tip. Put these skills to the test, practice at home and you can start to make more money as a bartender.
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Jeremy Sherk, is an expert, world-class bartender, who has helped thousands of bartenders create killer resumes land their dream job, and explode their level of cash tips. Get your hands on "Bartending Secrets Exposed" at: www.SixFigureBartender.com
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