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Recording Live Streaming Video : Tips For Creating Products

Aug 28, 2007
When you finish the research for your website video product and have also completed recording streaming video then it will be time to start working on the script. When running your video on a webpage project it is important not to let the research drag on too long.

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that they need to go on gathering information before they can begin to write a script and; getting bogged down considering how can I put video on my website? This is one of the deadliest forms of procrastination; individuals end up feeling like they have been working all the time, but at the end of the day they sometimes do not seem to get much done in terms of moving closer to their objective of recording live streaming video.

The only way to avoid this type of trap which many people fall into is to set deadlines for recording live video. As with all goal settiing you need to establish a clear time frame for your research for your website video. It's always good to give yourself not quite enough time to get the job done-then start writing the script and always be considering the question how can I put video on my website?. During the scripting process, you will make new connections that show you how to enrich the script when recording live streaming video by adding to it or taking away from it. Invariably when considering video on a webpage me and my team find ourselves needing to do new research in the middle of a script as new ideas push their way to the surface.

The more we work at this, the less up-front time we spend researching a project; we do know that the scripting process normally always triggers new insights and gives us great ideas for recording video that call for new research as discoveries are made, so how do we know what to research before we get everything down on paper? The more and more me and my team work recording live streaming video as writers and project developers, the less time we spend on research before we write a first draft of our script.

In our consulting we find that individuals and newer companies with little experience in business; and the reference here stands for any business, that could be massage therapists, make up artists, painters and decorators or barbers. The fact is that it is a myth to state that all good decisions are always only based on facts. All successful entrepreneurs and business people know that good decisions are based on opinion yet today we know that the decision for recording live streaming video is going and moving with the trend it today's market place. Start with a hunch based on experience and intuition, then apply your skill and ability to develop that concept into a script for your website video. The best time to research your facts is after you've finished a first draft of your script.

Depending on the type of video you decide to create, when recording live streaming video you may want to write a storyboard along with your final script. A storyboard is a visual representation, drawing by drawing, of what the key scenes of the video on a webpage will look like. A storyboard helps you see the whole video in your mind before you shoot it, and it is one of the best ways to trigger your creativity. Cartoons and animated films use very detailed storyboards, of course, and many directors of live action also use storyboards.

If you are planning to hire the services of a production company for recording live streaming video, make sure to work closely with them during the planning process. If you are creating a how-to or motivational video in your area of expertise for your website video, you may well be the best person to write the script and remember not to concentrate on how can I put video on my website? but rather your ought to concentrate on the video on a webpage and on getting your ideas on paper and then work with the production company to arrive at a final script.

One last tip: When recording live streaming video, use humor whenever the website video allows for it. Laughter is one of the best ways to connect to your audience and build a bond of trust and try not to get stuck considering how can I put video on my website? but rather take action and move with the trend in the marketplace.
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Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc, MCIM) is a business consultant who has conducted business throughout Europe, Far East & U.S. He specialises in helping businesses use the new technologies as a part of their business strategies.
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