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Money And Time Will Never Just Be Left Over No Matter How Little You Work Or How Much You Make

Aug 28, 2007
When I worked as a waiter in Austria, my native country, I worked hard (90 hours a week for about nine months in a row, never a day off). An American tourist told me that I was working too hard to ever make money. I replied that I loved my job and that I made good money. He smiled, patted me on the shoulder and said that he was happy for me. He added that he meant real money, lots of money, and that I could not make it while working so hard. 15 years later I understood what he meant.

Here is a little break-down on an organizational structure which even a child adheres to:

Every organization needs a goal-maker like Kennedy, Gandhi, etc., setting goals such as "lets fly to the moon" or "lets free the country from those terrible suppressive occupants". The goal-maker usually does not perform the physical step of an organization. He just dreams stuff up so to say; which does not mean that he is not usually pretty good at performing the two levels below him. It is just that he better devotes his time to dream stuff up and creates new games for the rest of the team to play. It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

This is the executive, who should be putting a team together, making strategic plans. He should not perform the physical work. Otherwise he has no time to direct and get the work done, which is his job. Every manager is, of course, some kind of a goal-maker as well. In fact, all managers have to be a bit of a goal-maker in the areas for which they are responsible.

They need to dream up or set goals, so that the division they are handling has not only guide lines but also flexibility. But all the goal setting must follow the big picture, which is dreamed up by the big boss, the big dreamer. The manager puts in place all the mechanics needed to achieve the big dream.

The manager should not be pulled down to the level of actually doing the work needed, such as engineering, phone calls, selling, administrative paperwork etc. He is here to make sure the horses are constantly in front of the wagon well-aligned and that they are pulling in the right direction. He is not here to do the job, not even handling costumers complains is his job -- which again does not mean that he probably and ideally is not one of the best in all those functions. It is just not his job as a manager -- if you as a goal-maker and dreamer want a growing and profitable company, that is.

They are the people, who actually do the work. Doing dentistry, typing, engineering, architecture, farming, drilling oil, etc. -- all fall under the category of workers.

Maybe you, the manager or the goal-maker, can not exactly dump all work overnight. There are chances that currently you are the dreamer and the manager and the worker. This probably results in many of your ideas, which look terrific in the evening but not so doable in the morning, when you get hit with management questions on the spot being in the middle of a job, which should be reserved for a worker. Did that ever happen to you?

But the business owner, who is usually also the goal-maker, must work the hardest on becoming that goal-maker only. Make plans towards becoming a goal-maker, force yourself to have the time, set aside to manage them so that in the end all you do is set the goals, which will get planned by the management team and done by the employees.

Think how far you could get.

Start first making to be a manager and then a goal-maker only, just do it! And do it relatively fast. Do not take years, not even a year. Managing and goal making happens to be better paid than heart surgery or any other "work". The reason is because the goal makers and managers can duplicate themselves. A heart surgeon or any worker cannot duplicate himself and thus he will always make money only when he works. And hardly will he ever have time to venture into other businesses or hobbies.

As politician Charles Buxton said, you would never find time for anything, if you wanted time you had to make it.
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Helmut Flasch is a marketing consultant who uses Un-advertising rather than the traditional advertising methods. Find out more information about his marketing strategy at Un-Advertising Info.
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