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Website Traffic Meter Explodes Using 5 Accelerated Traffic Strategies

Aug 28, 2007
If you want your business to making the kind of money and profit you dream about, then this list of 5 accelerated traffic strategies will be the most important article you read all day.

Here's why: In a recent article, I wrote that there is a money cycle that must exist if you want to see your business take off and really make the money you dreamed it would when you started it.

Here's the money cycle:

Quality product + Traffic + Conversion = sales (money)

Quality product + Traffic + Conversion + Automation = Financial & Lifestyle Freedom

If you are not bringing in the money that you want with your business, then you should look at this money cycle. Start from left to right.

Do you have a quality product?
Do you have a solid amount of traffic?
Do you convert the traffic you get well?

This formula is your business plan summed up into one simple formula.

"If you ain't bringing in the money you so desire, then one part of this formula is out of wack."

If you're on this page, more than likely, you already have a quality product...So, what is the next step? Getting traffic.

5 Accelerated Traffic Strategies for Marketing Your Business On The Internet:

1. Pay per click - This is by far the fastest way to get traffic to your site. Although, if you don't know what you are doing, you could lose more money than you care to. Find inexpensive keywords to advertise your site with. To get more on this subject download this free report -
Adwords Made Easy...

2. Referral traffic - This is by far the most effective type of traffic. Why? If a prospect is referred by a friend to your site you don't really have to sell them. They came there with high trust in you because you are being passed the "trust" from the person who referred them. The key is to put a system in place with which you actually get referrals coming in. Here's a ingenious way of doing this...


3. Press Releases - This is the second most effective way to get traffic to your site. Why? "Anything you hear or read from the news must be true...Right?" You see...when people get information from reporters, they take it as fact. Thus, when they arrive at your site they have been pre-sold by the media.

They key - you have to connect a hot trend that is going on right now to your business. It may seem quirky, but it will work. Look around at some places like Yahoo Buzz's or the Lycos' top 50 to find some ideas. Then, write up your press release and submit it to PRWeb.com. Use one of their paid options to really get great exposure and traffic.

Here's great information on writing press releases... And you can always just type in Paul Hartunian, the master at getting free
publicity, in at Yahoo or Google.


4. Affiliate / Joint Ventures - The most important asset your business can have is a good quality list. That's what makes joint ventures so profitable. With the click of a button, you can have a swarm of traffic to your site looking at your offer. And what's even sweeter, is that they got there by "recommendation"...A referral.

...And can you tell me a better way to get a lot of traffic quickly than by letting a couple of dozen or hundreds of affiliates promoting your product and sending you traffic? Here's more info. on that:


5. Co-Registration - If you have ever been to a site and signed up for an offer or a quote, and then on the next page it said, "Would you also like to sign up for this newsletter?"...Then, you've experienced the power of co-registration.

Co-registration basically partners you with some of the most trafficked websites and utilizes their ability to help you get opt-ins. You basically write a simple, but compelling, ad to be placed on these networks and then, you just pay per subscriber you get.

That's the beauty of it. You don't pay anything until you have got your self a lead. Anyway, the service I use is List-Opt. They offer double-opt-in leads and a great service:


Well, everyone of those traffic strategies will have your traffic meter turning rapidly. They are what I call accelerated traffic strategies.

That is, if you wake up in the morning and decide you want to drive more traffic to your site you can, and at will, quickly.

To Your Immediate and Lasting Small Business Marketing Success!
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