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Cooking Up a Culinary Arts Career

Aug 28, 2007
For those individuals who can take the heat, a culinary arts career is the best way to stay in the kitchen. Of all the careers to choose from, the culinary arts offer one of the most exciting, non-traditional work environments available. Those that have a passion for food preparation can be found sharing their gifts in the smallest of cafes to the best of world-class restaurants.

For a majority of the population, going out to eat is a very common occurrence. It is a chance to get out and socialize while being served a fine meal in a beautiful setting. Few stop to think that the meal set before them is the result of an advanced education in the science of cooking.

When taking up a career of cuisine and catering, many find there is more to the picture than that of just making delicious dishes. The culinary arts and its unconventional work environment provides for many specific job tasks that aren't typically found in the average office setting. Not only is there accounting and grocery inventory, there is combustion issues and knife safety to think about.

However, the culinary arts career is quickly becoming more and more popular as the restaurant industry rapidly expands. From hospitals to high-end resorts, the call for restaurant, institutional and even short order cooks is loud and clear. While working in a kitchen requires utmost professionalism, it is also a place where one can be truly creative at the same time.

With the number of specializations that branch out of a culinary career, many individuals take great pleasure in being able to fine-tune their occupation to their own preferences. For example, while some may opt to become a restaurant cook they can further opt to become a restaurant cook that specializes in Japanese cooking. Others my become pastry chefs or chefs that focus on macrobiotic dishes.

Getting an education in culinary arts is especially important for those who own their own eateries. Learning how to run an efficient kitchen is a must if a restaurant venture is to be not only successful but also profitable. One must also know how to competently manage employees while providing a safe and ethical work environment. These concepts are regularly taught in the classroom.

Another occupation on the rise in the culinary arts is that of a personal chef. What was a somewhat unheard of position ten years ago is now becoming one of the most in-demand careers. Hired to make delicious, health conscious meals personal chefs can find themselves richly rewarded both in job satisfaction and earning power.

Food and equipment safety issues make getting a culinary degree quite necessary for those wanting to work in a kitchen. While there may be some entry-level positions in institutions, they are few and do not offer any type of culinary freedom. Duties are often limited to clean up.

Becoming the head or executive chef of a restaurant requires extensive training. However, many culinary graduates opt to work entry-level positions and combine their training with their experience and work their way up. The chance to be head of a renowned restaurant is the dream of a lifetime for many culinary buffs.

When training for a culinary arts career, students will find themselves putting their knowledge to use in a hands-on environment. By opting for an accredited program, financial aid is often available to help diminish the financial burden of getting a proper education. This can help get the ball rolling and put students right into the kitchen just where they've always wanted to be.
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