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EFT, A Quick Problem Solving Technique For Your Business

Aug 29, 2007
When it comes to solving problems in business the stress levels of many an employer, employee or manager raise instantly several degrees. The mere thought brings up images of unmet deadlines, problems with awkward customers, colleagues pricing strategies, marketing plans, the list is endless.

You are spending 75% of your time at work just solving problems of different magnitude without even noticing it. More often then not, once you experience a situation as a problem, you have reached saturation point. When you are at this point your natural problem solving abilities fly out of the window, as you feel anxious overburdened and stressed, probably angry and impatient too.

What was until then a natural, automatic process, which you performed subconsciously, has come to the forefront of your mind. In this instance solving problems has become a problem. There is an urgency to get result you did not feel whilst you were going through the day solving problems on automatic pilot. Nothing really has changed, because you are solving problems all the time anyway. The only two things that have changed are perhaps the severity of the problem and certainly your perception.

How would you like to learn a simple technique that raises your energy levels, relaxes you and gives you clarity of mind with instant focus? EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is such a technique. It belongs to the family of energy therapies and is very powerful and effective. Whilst it can be used for anything from emotional to physical issues, it lends itself particularly well to use in business, because it is versatile and quick to apply. Excellent results can also be achieved when you use EFT in group sessions, for example for trouble shooting. As you clear the clutter of your mind, creativity increases.

EFT addresses issues in two ways: Mental focus together with physical tapping on a small number of meridian points on your upper body and face. Mind focus together with the action of physical tapping is a very quick way to change your vibrational energy. You keep focusing on the issue you are addressing saying aloud a short phrase describing your problem whilst you continue tapping the meridian points for several rounds. You will notice increased energy levels within a few minutes.

Once raises your radiant energies start increasing, your mind also begins to relax and open up. This automatic process encourages creative, innovative thinking. You feel better and have more confidence. New solutions to old problems start appearing, seemingly from nowhere.
About the Author
Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an Advanced EFT Practitioner and Energy Therapist who consults worldwide via the Internet. Solve problems quickly and easily.

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