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Using The Print Classifieds To Find That Perfect Employee

Aug 29, 2007
This article will show you the tricks of the trade when using the newspaper classifieds to find good workers.

One of the oldest and most established methods of advertising open positions is through print classified advertisements. Many job-seekers still turn to the classified section of the newspaper or the back section of trade magazines to look for career opportunities.

Newspaper classifieds are generally inexpensive; trade magazine classifieds can run from a low to considerable cash outlay. If you intend to place a classified ad, it is important to make sure you compose an effective ad that will bring in the most qualified candidates, in order to make sure you get your money is worth.

How do you write an effective classified ad? In most cases, space will be limited to three or four lines (though you can typically get extra space for an additional charge). This means you will want to make every word count!

Here are the basics you need to include in your classified ad:

1. The job title you want to fill (manager, accountant, assembly, administrative assistant, etc.)

2. A brief description of the job duties

3. Pay rate: You do not necessarily have to list the exact amount you're offering, and often it's preferable to simply say competitive pay or salary DOE (depending on experience)

4. The name of your company

5. The name of the person to contact for an interview

6. A phone number, and an e-mail address, for the prospective employee to get in touch with you (it's amazing how many classified ads forget to include contact information!)

Another important consideration when it comes to print classified ads is the publication in which it appears. If you're looking for general employment, often the best place is the local newspaper. Trade magazines offer an advantage for filling specialized positions, in that few people who don't have experience in the fields you need will be reading them.

It's a good idea to ask the publication you're considering placing a classified ad with for information on their circulation and demographics. That way, you'll have a better grasp of the size and type of audience you'll be reaching.

Those are the key points that you need to consider when using the paper to source workers in your business.

Great worker represent the difference from being in business temporarily or being in business for years to come, so please choose carefully.
I wish you the best in your search on hiring the right people.
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