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One Step Beyond Strategies

Aug 29, 2007
To me, success online can be found in the relationships you build. That is a subject you need to return to consistently. Building relationships on and off-line are necessary because it works to solidify your name with others. The more relationships you have in your specific niche, the more successful you will become. The lack of attention to relationship building holds most marketers back. Therefore, they are not making a commitment to building those successful dreams online.

In general, marketers never follow those practices for relationship building when starting out and consequently are the ones who are not making money. Marketers who are making money do follow a need to build relationships and follow that need very well!

Although, all of the key ingredients must be there, building relationships with other marketers is easy. A top sales letter is crucial with a great product to follow and absolutely an effective affiliate program. Also you must have targeted traffic to view your product. With all of these conditions met you can attract affiliates who will promote your product. If you have to give up most of your revenue to do it, do it.

What if you do not know a successful marketer? Well, then I suggest you spend the next several weeks getting to know someone you buy from and ask to be a JV. This is where your marketing practices and skills require meeting others, and building relationships.

What if you do not want to build relationships? You have to get outside your comfort zone and you have to do the necessary things it takes in order to make a lot of money online, and achieve your dreams. Therefore, you must work on building relationships

Some common questions people have are really just obstacles. Some examples include questions like, What if people do not like me. Well, I mentioned growth right? It is important for people to like you to work on growth. People like doing business with others they like. Read up and study how to get people to like you. I recommend How to Win Friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegie to help you in this area.

For the most part, we are all people just like anyone else. Top marketers have their faults. Some marketers have their disadvantages, issues and problems just like everyone else. In other words, you do not have to be some charismatic Anthony Robbins type person to do business in this industry.

You can just be yourself. Some people will not like you and that is fine. You can not please everyone all of the time. Honestly, who really cares? There are plenty of people who will like you and guess what?

They are most likely just like you. They have the same wants, desires and needs. They are like-minded people. They are interested in the same things you are interested in. Therefore, a pretty good chance exists they will like you, if you let them.
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Sean Burton is an excelling marketer who is showing many that online
success is not a myth but a reality. Just doing the basics is not enough you have to take action, the right action in order to succeed. http://www.rightchange4u.com/success-online/
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