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Can Online Videos Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Web Site?

Aug 29, 2007
Even before Google purchased YouTube for a whopping $1.6 billion, the 20-month old YouTube was doing well on its own with millions of video views per day. YouTube holds millions of short video clips on their website, produced by both amateurs and professionals. How can the YouTube traffic translate into your web site's traffic and actually help in promotion or sales?

Amateur publishers upload their videos for fun, fame or notoriety, while professional publishers use these videos to drive traffic to their web sites, sell services, advertise products, attract new customers and make sales. When you browse videos of amateurs and professional publishers on YouTube, you are actually viewing along with 10 million users. Many web marketers are taking advantage of the high YouTube traffic for the sake of their own marketing goals and objectives. How do they do this?

Since YouTube is a video hosting website that allows free uploads of short clips and videos, virtually anyone can publish their own videos. You can measure the number of times your video was viewed, how many clickthroughs were generated that drove to your website and how many visitors converted into subscribers or buyers. The YouTube traffic from your video leads the viewers to your web site and thus allowing them to check out your products or services.

As simple as this process may sound, it is important to understand the nature of the environment wherein your videos will be distributed. While you can always count on YouTube traffic to divert visitors to your web site, only a small percentage of viewers will "accidentally" find your video. As such, it is best that you follow certain optimization techniques for your videos so that tens of millions of people can find your video within YouTube.

YouTube traffic, plus proper optimization of your videos, increases the chances of your short clips and videos to be more visible within the YouTube website and being found easily through the search engines of other online communities. As YouTube is a community-oriented website, it allows viewers to vote, share, rate and distribute videos they like the most. Meaning, the larger your video's audience becomes, the more traffic your website receives.

If you want to learn how YouTube traffic can help your website increase popularity and clients, master optimization techniques and implement these tricks into your marketing campaign, then you may want to check out various YouTube related Traffic sites online.
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