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How to Use Video to Generate More Sales

Aug 29, 2007
A key factor in getting people to buy from you is trust and credibility. If people trust you and believe you to be credible, there is a much better chance they will buy from you. That is why word of mouth marketing is so effective -- because friends typically trust their friends and believe them to be credible.

The beauty of video is that people get the chance to see you as a 'real' person. You're not just some shmuck hiding behind a computer. You're the real-deal. And that is attractive to buyers.

For example, have you ever noticed how many emails you get from every Tom, Dick and Harry the day a new product is launched? How many of them do you believe have actually reviewed the product and loved it so much that they just had to recommend it to you? Versus how many of them are just recommending it to you to earn an affiliate commission?

Sure, some of them are genuine, but which ones?

This begs the question: "How can I stand out from the crowd, and be believable?"

The answer is video! Think about it. If you get ten emails from ten different people all recommending the same product, along with one video from one person recommending the same product, which is most believable?

If the people who emailed you have previously built up a certain level of trust and credibility with you that will help, but the guy who sent you a video of him reviewing the product has an advantage over and above the rest.

Why? Because by nature of video itself, it proves to you that he is telling the truth! He actually does have the product and has reviewed it. He really does recommend it. Sure, he may be out to get some commissions too but ultimately you know that at the very least, he knows what he is talking about (the product) and he is in a legitimate position to recommend it.

Once you finish this article, visit You Tube and Google Video. On each of these sites take a moment to quickly look around and sign up for your free accounts. They are both very user friendly. You basically just enter in your account personal information.

Then, once your account is set up and you have created some videos, you'll be able to start uploading them from your computer to their site via the 'browse' feature they provide.

Your objective is to drive traffic to your site using the videos that you create. If you do it well, targeted audiences will not only view them but they will also get passed around for free -- and possibly even posted on other people websites and blogs!

Ultimately, you'll want to create and submit as many videos per month as you can and submit them to as many video sites as possible.

Remember these are amateur videos we are talking about. And they should only be between 1 and 5 minutes in length. Don't make them much longer than that. Otherwise, people will get bored and leave.

The idea here is just to give them enough information to spark there curiosity and get them to want to visit your website.
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