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Using Video to Generate Traffic

Aug 29, 2007
When you upload your videos to a video hosting like You Tube, they will give you an opportunity to enter in a title and a description for your video. This step is of vital importance to getting your video to show up in the results when others are searching. If you don't have a good title and description, chances are your video will just get lost in the masses.

You want to stand out from the crowd and be displayed in the search results. To do that, you need to have keyword rich and intriguing video titles and descriptions.

The keywords will help bring in targeted viewers who are searching for your content, while the intrigue will help actually get viewed.

As for the descriptions, don't be afraid to write long, descriptive descriptions which include multiple links that point back to your website. And be sure to show your URL in the video itself, too!

You can create your videos anyway you like including slide shows with background music, web cam and screen capture.

Keep in mind these do not have to be professionally produced, acted and edited videos. On the contrary! You want to show your personality and make them as unique as possible in order to help with the 'buzz factor'.

That's what gets people to pass them along by email and if you're lucky, post them on their websites and blogs.

If you don't have a web cam you can usually pick one up for about $30 - $120 at your local electronics store. You do not need the best. I chose a middle of the line Logi Tech web cam, which cost me about $70.

If you don't have screen capture software you could try Camstasia. When creating Camtasia screen capture videos use approximately 320 x 240 screen size.

Finally, save your videos as an .avi or .mp3 file for easy uploading to Google and You Tube.

Ultimately, the subject matter of your videos depends on what it is you are trying to market. They can be videos related to your own products and services or affiliate products and services.

Let's say you are marketing a particular mobile telephone. There are a number of 'formats' you might choose for the video itself.

For example, you could:

-Do a video review of the mobile telephone and point viewers back to your website.
-Interview a person whom owns that particular mobile telephone.
-Talk about what you heard in the news about that particular mobile telephone.
-Re-purpose existing content that you might already have such as articles that you have previously written.

Keep in mind that commercials typically don't sell and probably won't get passed around. Think about it. People watch TV for the shows, not the commercials. People want entertainment and that's why advertisers try so hard to entertain their audiences with their commercials. If they are not entertaining, people get off the sofa and grab a snack or something.

So your job is to create videos that both entertain and share your message. And if viewers are entertained, they will be inclined to share your video with their friends.

The trick is to provide your viewers with entertainment.

You want to strive to make videos that make people laugh, cry, or even drop their jaws in awe!
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