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How to Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field

Aug 29, 2007
How can you become a recognized authority in your field? Do you even have a "field"? If you're not sure, consider the books you read.

If you have read two or more books on a given subject, you already know more than 95% of the population on that subject.

But what if you have read 10 or 12 books on that same subject, taken home study courses, belong to a club and discuss your knowledge about this subject with your colleagues everyday?

That, my friend, makes you an expert!

Being an expert doesn't necessarily mean that you know more than anyone else. It does mean that you know how to clearly explain a detailed, step-by-step process or system to a targeted audience.

You don't have to create or invent anything new to become an expert. Which is a good thing considering nothing on this earth is really created or invented.

All you have to do is uncover or discover a better way to explain something that already exists. You do so by repackaging, reshaping or delivering your system in a unique way that makes sense to your audience.

How, exactly, do you go about doing this?

The first step to becoming a recognized authority in your field is RESEARCH. What frustrates the customers in your industry? What are their biggest problems or challenges?

By researching the answers to those two simple questions, you can begin to see what kind of knowledge is in demand. If you're able to acquire the knowledge that will alleviate frustrations and solve problems for people in your industry, YOU will be in demand.

Don't limit your research to those two questions, though. Ask as many questions as you can think of about your target audience, then seek the answers.

Research your chosen niche as well. Study and put your knowledge into action. Just remember to keep your studies limited and focused on a specific subject.

The second step is to organize and systemize your knowledge into a variety of formats that your target audience can consume and benefit from.

One thing you can do is invent your own terminology. Make up fun, creative words that are unique to your information. This gives the impression that you have indeed created something new that people need to pay attention to.

Another option is to post your certifications or credentials where people can easily see them and be impressed.

Doctors, lawyers, dentists and psychiatrists hang their diplomas on their office walls to establish themselves as authorities in their particular field. You can do the same by posting your credentials on your website.

That helps your audience recognize you as an authority figure, an expert.
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