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Creating a Business Name - Defines Success or Failure

Aug 30, 2007
The name you choose for your business can make the difference between is failure and its success. After all, who wants to go to a dentist named Dr. Payne? The key to choosing a name for your business is finding a balance between communicating your brands or service's personality and giving potential customers a clue to what you do or offer.

Think about what you want your business name to convey. Do you want it to be silly and quirky or sleek and sophisticated? Your business name can set the tone for what you want to accomplish for years to come.

For instance, Sweet Treats is a great name for a high-end chocolates Shoppe or a more family oriented sweets counter; while Hoppin' Joes signals to potential customers that this establishment is more carefree and than a higher class (and expensive) establishment in another section of town, and probably isn't going to be the place people want to hold formal wedding receptions in.

Stay away from cutesy names for higher-end or more serious oriented businesses or services. Make sure that the name you choose won't mean something unintentional or totally unfamiliar to your business. Think about all the things your business name could mean to all kinds of people before choosing it.

While some business owners think that choosing a name that requires a bit of explaining may entice people to find out more about what you're all about, it can be more of a drawback than a marketing ploy if it doesn't tell people at least something about what you offer. Besides, it can become quite frustrating after the first few months if people are still calling to ask what it means years down the line.

Remember, your business name is your first contact with potential clients and customers so it should clearly represent you and the services or products you offer.

Here are a few other tips to think about when choosing your business name:

Make it short -- it'll be easier to remember (and say).

Make it understandable - don't be so creative that no one understands what message you're business name is trying to convey

Make it easy to say and spell, especially if you're located in an ethnically diverse region

Think about how it'll look and sound on signs, business cards and in an advertising campaign

Once you've figured out the perfect name, be sure to check with your state business bureau to be sure no one else has registered it. Obviously, you can't use a name someone else has already chosen and been using. And, if you're business will likely expand to other areas or online, be sure the name you've chosen is available there to.

It'll save a lot of grief of changing it in the future after you've successfully established a solid customer base using it.
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