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Finding The Best Construction Jobs

Aug 30, 2007
The construction business was considered as one of the earliest blue collared jobs. It is the kind of job where the worker is paid on an hourly basis. Earlier, when someone spoke about the construction business, it was thought that it only included the laborers and the labor foreman. In the present scenario, the definition of construction job would include many job titles. Since the demand for commercial complexes and shopping malls are high, there is a variety of construction jobs available in the job market.

The construction job is further categorized into building roads, constructing commercial and residential premises, excavation, and demolition activities. The workers also have to deal with a range of portable as well as heavy equipment like drilling machines, operating bulldozers, cranes, etc. In order to get the best construction jobs, one has to have skills and abilities like the ability to work as part of a team, be well versed with math and problem solving tactics, great hand to eye co-ordination and proper knowledge of equipment. The different types of jobs in the construction business would include the following:

. Construction carpenters: These carpenters are responsible for constructing and repairing wood structures and working upon plywood for the erection purposes of the structure. They have to be proficient with the different tools and equipment and should also be thorough with geometry and algebra with respect to blueprints and construction layouts. They should also be good at sketching in order to put wood designing ideas into use.

. Cement masons: Cement masons are the ones responsible for the finishing touches given to sidewalks, cement floorings, roads, etc. They are required to have a very good knowledge about the different types of cement, their uses as well as other materials used for construction purposes. They should know the operation of the different construction equipment.

. Managers: Managers or first line supervisors are in charge of coordinating the activities of the workers, delegating their work, scheduling their work timings, inspecting the working of equipment and giving instructions to the workers, etc. They should also have the ability to motivate the workers and possess good decision making skills. The job of a first line supervisor is one of great responsibility since the person is also in charge of making the rules and guidelines for the workplace.

. Construction laborers: This job is comparatively a bit dangerous if proper caution is no taken. The work involves labor like handling and working with portable as well as heavy equipment, cement mixers, cleaning up the work sites, digging trenches manually, etc. A laborer should have knowledge of the various warning signs on the construction site and should be able to understand the construction plan layout and the various blueprints, etc.

There are many websites that offer jobs in the construction business. It is always advisable to have some knowledge about the construction business before applying for a job. There are many programs and workshops that are carried on by various institutions to help construction enthusiasts to hone their skills.
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