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Designing A New Career

Aug 30, 2007
You know how sometimes you tend to find yourself in the right place at the right time? Well, mine was in April 2000, at a motivational speaking presentation.

With a career in retail banking in London behind me, I'd known for a long time that I'd passed my 'sell by' date in the industry.

I was looking for something to change in my life. Even though others had always viewed me as a go getter, and even if I had achieved things in the passed, now I felt on the edge of a void. I wanted change, but was tired, hungry for new challenges and routes to success. I felt de-motivated, tired, stuck, and out of ideas as what to do next to get out of my lethargy.

However, on that night whilst listening to that particular speaker I began to see light at the end of the tunnel. Suddenly, I began to think out of the box for the first time in such a long time.

After realising it was my present job that had become stale, rather than me, I began to get excited and confident again, realising I still had a future in what I loved!

I realised that I'd just been treading water, running my own story for such a long time, and that story needed refreshing. In short, I needed to express myself as the person I wanted to be, or needed to become. It was time to re-invent me!

So began a journey that would take me into the world of personal development, gaining knowledge and certifications in Personal and Business Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and most recently Sport Hypnosis.

I am not simply attempting to impress you with my CV, but rather impress upon you how you too can reconnect with your essence and create a whole life relevant to who you are and what you expect today.

Now my life is changed more than I ever thought possible, and it's been surprising how I've managed to facilitate those changes without resorting to drastic action. Nowadays, I'm the guy giving the motivational talks to other people.

I'm sharing my excitement, educating others to the health benefits of being true to their essence, usually beginning with the questions, 'what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?'

These past few years have been a tremendous experience and I now feel that my destiny is in my own hands and that I can make the changes I want to see happen in my life.

For me it was about having the confidence to dream the dreams I didn't dare to dream and having the support to keep going when things didn't seem to be going so well.

Now I know that the person people see when they see me, and it is the one I'd want to see too if I could step outside my body and look back. Still very much a work in progress, and a vital, effervescent one at that.
About the Author
Mike Blissett is a Peak Performance Coach, and Sport & Fitness Hypnotherapist based in Harley Street, London, working with people and organisations to help them achieve better results. Get your FREE Life Evaluator Assessment and visit
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