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Pod Cast Marketing Is It Effective

Aug 30, 2007
In the marketing world its a new day each day and creativity is a must for any winner. You have to be innovative and make sure that your clients or customers are kept up-to-date with your ideas. A normal day usually starts with a search for answers. More often than not the question is how can I grow my business? How can I gain market share? The answer is pretty simple and everyone in this competitive marketing world knows for a fact that innovation is crucial for conversion of your prospect customer base as your clients.

So is pod casting an answer to do this efficiently? Will pod casting do the miracle for you? Lets learn more about pod casting and answering the above questions for you.

The traditional marketing tools such as radio and television have proven time and again that they are most effective to propagate your product or service. Once you have identified your target audience its as simple as choosing the channel and the program to communicate your product or service with. The large reach of these mediums tag hits and have huge success rate. The traditional and strong marketing methods still prevail, but with the advent of mobile computing and devices like palm pilots and I-pods have reinvented the definition of mass marketing. These internet enabled, handheld devices have revolutionized the way marketing looks at new media.

And the amazing part of this innovation is Anyone Can Use This!

Pod casting is the process of sharing audio/audio content from WebPages to potential customers. Now that the hand held devices have taken off the restriction of a fixed desktop or a laptop now pod casts are becoming the buzz word in marketing industry.

Pod casting uses an XML based technology called RSS. An RSS file is the most used file to pod cast your content and consists of date, time, titles, and other information about the content that is being downloaded into the pod cast device. The way this works is very simple. Your pod cast content is placed on the web already and when users login to receive the RSS feed your content is moved into the I pod or other players of customers automatically. This way you can reap the benefits of this innovative and economical communication solution.

There are lots of websites, which currently allow you to pod cast. This doesnt cost a lot of money and the visibility you get is very high and so pod casting is soon turning out to be a very effective way of communication to a set of preferred target audiences.
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