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Beware - The Three Types of People in Network Marketing!

Aug 30, 2007
There are only three types of people in network marketing. Figure them out and save time, hassles and headaches! To have a successful MLM (multi-level marketing) business you will need to filter through the Promise makers and Procrastinators to find your real Players. We'll call them the three P's to make it easy to remember, let's get started.

First you have the super excited, ready to take on the world, heavy hitting LOOSERS! No I'm not being too harsh, that's what they are. All hype, full of promises that they are going to build this thing to the moon with you and then give up before they even get a single sign up or shortly there-after! All talk and no walk. Often times these people underestimate the actual work involved in building a thriving MLM business. All of the sifting through the mines required before you find the gold!

That's what working an MLM business is all about! Sift for gold and when you find it, polish it. You don't go trying to turn a stone into gold by rubbing it hard enough! Same goes for wasting time trying to re-motivate these promising losers once they've hit the highway, off to look for an easier ride.

MLM is a tough business. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar! You've got to have tough skin to handle rejection. Just think how exhausted these gold miners were back in the day. But when they found their gold... OUUUUUUU EEEEE LOOK OUT! They became almost overnight millionaires, and the same is true with MLM. Now thank god we have much more sophisticated sifting tools to help us in our prospecting. It would be like trying to build a downline without harnessing the prospecting power of the Internet! We are really living in an incredible age with all that is at our disposal!

Next in line, the second category of the three types of people in network marketing are the Procrastinators. Usually Procrastinators tend to be our closest friends. We want them in the business so bad we listen to all of their excuses, put off's and "next week"
answers to joining the business. These Procrastinators are always eager to join in the beginning just "not now". Right? Ya, we know all too well the Procrastinators. Undoubtedly next week rolls around and they have another "legitimate reason" or excuse why now isn't the right time either or avoid your calls altogether. The truth is with Procrastinators; it is never the right time!

Don't count your eggs before they're hatched! One good way to get a Procrastinator to move it or loose it and take action is to scare the living ba-jesus outta them. Put the fear of loss into them. Of course you've got to be confident when saying this. You counteract a Procrastinator with this "Boy, are you ever going to kick yourself in the butt. I'm doing this with or without you and you have a chance to grab a top position in my matrix right now. You will forever regret not making the smart decision". Ouch! How would you like hearing that from a good friend? Let me tell you, that little gem of a phrase will help you to separate the Procrastinators from the Players. And all you need on a winning team in a few great Players!

Finally, the last category of the three types of people in network marketing are the Players. The Gold we all hoped we attracted right out the get go when we first built out MLM businesses. It takes a lot of sifting to find these people. But here's the good news you only need a few of them! A few pieces of gold are worth much more than a sack full of rocks!

Players have distinct qualities. They play the game, do the numbers, make the calls, make the sales, and do something when they say they will. They are natural born leaders, people that take the initiative to do things on their own. They have what it takes to stick in the ring and play another round. Players get the work done and stick to their vision. Sure they may have bad days or weeks like the rest of us, however their vision of the future is stronger than defeat. That's why when you find a player, you spend time polishing them, just like the rare gems that they are!

Remember the 80/20 rule. Only 20% of your team will perhaps be Player material. Spend 80% of your time working and helping them get to the next level in the marketing plan. Let the other 80% to the demons with which they allow to infect their minds. The excuses, the "cants", the "it's just not the right timing for me". We've all heard this before, even after people sign up in the business!

Keep one thing straight in your mind. Become fascinated by the people that don't take your incredible opportunity and ride it to the moon with you. Being fascinated saves you a whole lot of frustration too! I hope this article on "The three types of people in network marketing" has armed you with a few more tools to add to your belt in helping you build your MLM Empire.
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