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Want To Start A Business In Fitness Products?

Aug 31, 2007
Fitness products are the rage today with so many people focusing on wellness issues and weight loss. Now is a fantastic time to take advantage of this growing market. Starting a small business in the fitness products industry requires a little planning, creativity, and hard work.

Why would you want to start a small business in fitness products? The primary reason is that this market is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more consumers are using fitness products in their homes. Additionally, there are many complimentary fitness product items that you can market with your own general products.

Take advantage of affordable books, video tapes, and DVDs about fitness and specific sports when you are starting a small business in fitness products. These are extremely affordable and compliment your mainline products. For example, if you sell Pilates mats to buyers you could also offer Pilate instructional video tapes and DVDs. Customers will be able to see an instructor actually do the exercises and they can follow along on their new Pilates mat that they purchased from you.

Nutritional supplements help to enhance our current everyday diet. Many consumers that are into the fitness rage will purchase nutritional supplements for extra energy or in the hopes of speeding up weight loss. As a new small business owner, you can take advantage of this and offer targeted nutritional supplements to your new customers.

Decide what types of products you will be offering when starting a small business in fitness products. It is also important to determine who your market will be. Will you be selling to spas, resorts, fitness gyms and other places to workout? Will you be marketing to the general public for home fitness equipment?

Find a reputable wholesale dealer. Some wholesale dealers will allow you to put down a deposit on the equipment and make payments monthly until your business is up and running. This will help with the startup costs for the business.

The other option to finance the business is to write out a sound business plan and go to the bank for a small loan. You can then stock your fitness equipment items and the sub-products that you will be marketing to compliment your main line items.

Ecommerce is an excellent choice for starting a small business in fitness products. You can have a professional ecommerce site designed for you. Then you will want to find someone to do some solid promotion of the new site to attract new customers.

If you are going to do ecommerce, it is best to offer low cost items with high-end items. You should also offer light-weight items that will not cost you or the new customers an arm and a leg for shipping. For example, you could sell Pilate workout socks, general workout clothing, or golf club covers. Books, electronic books, videos, and DVDs also sell well on the Internet.

Make sure to let people know when you are starting a new business in fitness products. You can make new customers from friends, family members, and even neighbors. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that does not cost a dime.
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