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How To Buy Wholesale Perfume

Aug 31, 2007
Every Christmas I wonder how I'm going to afford my girl's favorite perfume this year. It smells so good, but the price tag is enough to cause a heart attack! I always feel like I have to get her something cheap or take out a loan just to get her what I know she really wants. But after researching perfumes on Google, I found another way - buy wholesale perfume.

Buying wholesale perfume is a bit different from buying perfume at the mall. Most wholesale companies usually require a certain amount of each bottle to be ordered, so your best bet is to take all your friends and family's orders and add them to yours. That way your order will have a better chance of qualifying for the wholesale price.

So, to get your perfume at almost rock bottom prices, you will need to locate one of the many wholesale perfume outlets of which there are many. And, if you are looking to find the many wholesale perfume companies a good place to start would be to visit website wholesaleperfume where are listed all the companies of interest.

If you need a little help picking a site, try one of these. Fragrance Net, operating out of Hauppauge, New York, has over 10,000 designer brands with no minimum order required. Or you could check out web site Perfume which is located in Vancouver BC, Canada. They are America's #1 online perfume site (according to Alexam) and they carry over 8,000 products. Whatever you choose, make sure you stop by web site wholesaleperfume to find out how to save even more money.

Just remember that buying wholesale perfume is a little different than going down to the mall and buying your favorite perfume. For one, you can't test out your desired perfume. To do that, you might want to head over to the mall and pick out the one you want, then come back and pick up where you left off.

However, even though buying wholesale perfume means affecting savings, sometimes you must purchase a minimum number of perfume bottles. That could mean buying hundred or even thousand of dollars of perfume before you get the wholesale price.

Most of the sites I picked out were dealers that buy surplus stock. That means they buy thousands of bottles of each item and then just raise the price a little, so they make money while saving the customer money. Even here, some of these dealers will require you to make a bulk purchase, so make sure you are aware of that.

Many of these wholesale perfume outlets are completely legit, and you can save quite a bit of money by using them. However, as with all online purchases, there is the possibility of being scammed. Make sure when you buy to look for a money-back guarantee and a working phone number. Also, look to make sure they say name-brand perfumes and not "smells like" name-brand perfumes. Shop online, save money, but be cautious.
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