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Job Move In Your Future? Better Answer 13 Critical Questions First!

Sep 2, 2007
Do you ever come back from vacation thinking about making a job move? You do if you're like most people. Statistics have shown that more job move decisions are made after vacations than any other time.

Makes sense, doesn't it? After all, one of the big benefits of vacation is to get away from the routine . . . and reflect on where you're going.

Unfortunately, many folks who are entertaining a job move do so by resurrecting an old resume and updating it. And then, maybe, sending it around or posting it to test the waters. You tell yourself, "If something turns up, I'll make a decision at that time."

OK Let's be honest. If a tempting opportunity arises, you're going to seriously entertain it, right?

The problem is that you could make a possibly life-changing career decision based on a random occurrence. And never have the satisfaction of knowing that your job move is the best of all possible options.

So, let's back up for a minute. Before you go digging for that old resume, you better ask yourself some very important questions. Take this easy quiz and see what your real-time job move status is.

1. Do I hate getting up on Monday morning to go back to work?

2. How can I determine if this is the right time to make move?

3. If I change jobs at this time, will I be considered a job-hopper?

4. Is something unnerving me in my present job? Make sure you're reading your current situation correctly. Look for telltale signs.

5. Do I get the choice assignments?

6. Is my input being sought on major issues?

7. Is the feedback I receive more positive or more negative than what I've received in the past?

8. Does my boss like me?

9. Am I advancing?

10. Have I expanded my professional career skills and responsibilities?

11. Am I learning and growing?

12. Am I being blocked from promotion?

13. Has my compensation kept up with industry standards?

14. Have I lost the confidence of my boss?

The best time to make a change is when you are on top. When you are feeling good about yourself . . . when you are at peak performance . . . when your current employment picture is rosiest . . . that's the very best time to consider a job move. Success begets success. You just naturally exude confidence.

So, after doing this important homework, you decide that this is the right time for you, what do you do next?

The very next step is to seriously explore your options.

Most job changers limit their vision by thinking about moving forward in the very narrow course they've been working in. Taking the next logical step forward in this career direction MAY be exactly the right move. But that decision should be made after you've explored other options . . . some of them outside the box.

For that you need a plan. One that can help you explore all your job options. And then shoe you how to approach prospective employers without jeopardizing your current job. In short, you want to select your next job rather than settle for it.

Doing it the right way can turn your job-change decision into the career adventure of a lifetime!
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