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How to Combine Affiliate Marketing with Other Home Businesses

Sep 2, 2007
Home business owners have a lot of options for what they want to do. They can run fairly traditional businesses out of their homes, such as network marketing, daycare or bookkeeping, or they can use their skills in the newer businesses the Internet has made available, such as website design, virtual assistants and affiliate marketers.

However, you can combine affiliate marketing with many of these opportunities. It's a way you can offer the most complete options to the customers you come into contact with.

A website designer, for example, may offer hosting or can simply recommend hosting through various companies, and be paid for referring the customers. A network marketer can offer products and services that are related to what he or she is selling, but aren't available through the network marketing company.

All you have to do is think about what more you can offer your existing client base. There are probably plenty of items that are related to the things they trust you on anyhow that you could recommend and earn money through the affiliate program.

You never want to overdo this. Pushing too many products to loyal customers is a good way to scare a number of them off, and possibly irritate the rest. Your recommendations need to be genuine and useful.

Affiliate programs are quite widespread. Take a look at sites you shop at regularly, and you may see a link to the affiliate or associate on many of them. Others may have them, but the link will not be so obvious.

Consider whether your clients would be most interested in information or in physical products. Information can be a hot seller, although you do need to be certain that what you recommend is indeed high quality and well written.

Perhaps the best part is that you may or may not need a website to be an affiliate. Having a website makes some things easier, but there's nothing keeping you from making recommendations in person if that's how your business is run.

Adding another stream of income is always a good thing for a business when you do it right. It can even improve your reputation as a person who really knows what his or customers need. You just have to keep your eyes open for opportunity and make the most of it. Discovering new things to offer your clients can be a lot of fun and potentially profitable.
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Stephanie Foster runs http://www.aspectsofhomebusiness.com/ to help people wanting to run a home business. She offers more tips on affiliate marketing at her site.
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