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Increase Your Traffic By Increasing Your Expert Status

Sep 3, 2007
If you take advantage of one or all of the methods in this article, you will be perceived as an authority figure in your niche. And the more authority you have, the more traffic will come your way.

First, send press releases to the media.

Important people with important things happening in their businesses distribute press releases. You're an expert, so you are important. That means you need to submit a press release anytime you have news.

Press releases are a wonderful way to get massive exposure for yourself and to get one-way links back to your site. Some cost you nothing to post your press release while others charge a fee. But wherever you submit it, be sure to include a link back to your site.

The best link to include is one to your blog. That way when they follow your link, they are automatically taken to a page that endorses your expert status. On your blog, be sure to include a picture of yourself, links to any articles you've written, any credentials you have to add credibility to your expert knowledge and anything else that helps position you as an expert.

Second, you can align yourself with other experts.

When you position yourself with other experts, you rise with them. One way to do this is by interviewing other experts in your related field. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to contact these people and get them to speak with you.

Most of them love talking about their area of expertise and are willing to talk to whoever wants to listen. Being interviewed by you also enhances their reputation as an expert, so everyone benefits from the process.

Just remember that no one will let you interview them if you don't ASK. Another thing you can do is go to seminars and workshops in your niche and get your photograph taken with other experts in attendance or speaking from the stage.

Then include those photos on your website for your visitors and subscribers to see. When they see you with an expert, they learn to associate you with that expert. That expert's credibility then instantly gets transferred to you.

Another reason to align yourself with other experts is for your own personal benefit. You become like those around you, so make friends with people you want to imitate.

Third, tell people!

You need to tell people what you specialize in or nobody will ever know how great you are at what you do! You have knowledge people desire. Sharing this knowledge with people is not bragging; it's helping.

Others can and want to benefit from the knowledge and experience you have gained in your specific area. Only you can't help anyone if you keep everything locked inside. Open your mouth and tell people who you are so they can then start spreading the word about you.

Whether you're on a plane, in an elevator or standing in line, always be ready to start conversations with those around you. First show an interest in who they are and what they do. When the conversation naturally turns to you, be ready to share. The more people you tell, the faster your reputation grows.

And fourth, provide testimonials for other people every time you have a chance.

Credibility. Credibility. Credibility. Every marketing and sales campaign in every business must establish credibility. Or people won't buy the product or service being sold.

That's why marketers solicit testimonials from experts. Testimonials establish credibility. You can provide testimonials for others. This positions you as an expert and gives you exposure to your target audience.

Every time you provide a testimonial, include your name and a link back to your site. This not only makes you more credible, it also drives traffic your way. Once you see yourself as an expert, others will as well. And the value of your products naturally increases.

When your value increases, so does traffic to your site.
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