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5 Unique Ways For Busy People to Learn Spanish

Sep 3, 2007
One of the biggest misconceptions of learning Spanish (or any foreign language) is the time commitment. Everyone seems to think you need hours upon hours of study in order to learn. Since very few people have so many hours to dedicate to studying, they decide that learning a language is not for them.

Yet, even with a little knowledge of another language, they can benefit in so many ways. Perhaps they could get a better job, communicate better in the job they're in or enjoy a new experience on a forthcoming trip to a foreign country.

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen because in their mind it's a done deal...no one learns without dedicating massive time to the effort.

Well, I'm here to say that there is another side to the story. A side that is more realistic and positive. A side that may just spark a reader or two to change their mind and try.

I've been a Spanish teacher for over 15 years. In that time I've taught high school, college and adults students. Naturally, this article is not directed to high school and college students for obvious reasons.

I'm writing so that more adults can discover the secrets to learning any language they want, regardless of their schedules. You see, it's a question of taking advantage of the downtime. Here's what I mean.

Everyone has moments in the day when they are left with nothing to do. Maybe it's at work, at home, during the commute. These moments are there, you just have to pay attention.

Once you can spot them, then you can begin to fill them with little study sessions that can last as little as 5 minutes. And the best part is, you can vary them so that you don't fall into a routine and become bored.

Now, before I continue, I don't want to give the impression that you can learn a language with 5 minutes of study a day. It won't happen.

However, I do want to emphasize that you don't need to have marathon study sessions either. What will help more than anything is consistency and that is why taking advantage of 5 minute sessions when you are stuck for time is essential to your learning.

During these sessions, you are keeping the coals warm so to speak. Your brain is getting the message that learning Spanish (for example) is important because you are finding time everyday. That is no small factor.

You will still need to find time during the week for an hour here and there but your success does not depend on total dedication, come hell or high water. It depends on consistency.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways to study when you have little or no time.

#1 - Start describing what is going on around you. It doesn't need to be a literary description, just take a look around and begin describing things in the foreign language.

#2 - Always carry a print out of an article you plan to read or, a chapter from a children's book. Make sure it's no more than two pages so you can finish it in the time you have.

#3 - Repeat a tongue twister you've written down on an index card (specifically for this occasion).

#4 - Take out your language tape and get in a quick listen. You can pick up where you were on the tape or begin randomly.

#5 - Play with your cell phone. That's right, you can set up your cell phone in the language you want to learn. By doing this, you can begin hitting buttons and learn everyday vocabulary.

Remember, there will be days when you need to get in the hour session in order to expand your base of verbs, conjugations and all the rest. But, your learning doesn't depend on strict adherence to any schedule.

It's more important to do a little bit everyday. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
About the Author
Jim Sarris is a veteran Spanish teacher and the author of a new ebook/audio series "The Secret to Learning Any Language." Visit his blog to obtain free information and learn about other resources to help you learn faster and easier than ever.Language learning made easy.
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