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Are You Being Scammed by Residual Income?

Sep 3, 2007
There are numerous residual income opportunities in the area of health products and nutritional supplement products. You can sign up with one, two, or even more online sites as an affiliate. Each time that you refer someone to the program, you can make residual income. Also, you can make additional residual income for each time your referrals sell products.

A residual income is a slow, trickling income as a result of an action. So, if you sign up for an affiliate program that is the action, then as you sell products you make a little bit of income. If you get other people to join (referrals) you can make a little bit of money. If the referrals sell products, you make a little bit of their money.

Unfortunately, in all areas of the internet there is potential for abuse and misuse. A scam is when someone takes you for your money or makes you bold promises but delivers you virtually nothing. There are numerous residual income opportunities that are unfortunately scams.You will be promised the moon and receive nothing or very little for your time and even possibly your money.

One dead give away that a residual income opportunity is probably a scam is pages and pages of testimonials. If the company was truly successful, it would not attempt to sell you anything because the site would speak for itself.

Testimonials are to glorify the company and draw you into the hype of making tons of money quickly. Be cautious at sites that have large numbers of testimonials. The average company has around three to five testimonials. Anymore than five, you need to put your guard up.

The affiliate company offers you free membership to join. This is great! After all, if you could afford to pay for membership, you probably would not be seeking out residual income.

They even offer you a discount to try out the product that you will be marketing in the affiliate program. You cannot sell a product you have never tried, right? Wrong. You have just been scammed! The company can send you a health product or nutritional supplement sample for free so that you can familiarize yourself with the product. That reduced or bargain charge for the product just paid for your free membership.

Wow, you get not one, but two free websites to sell products. They are already built and everything!! Put up the red flags. Are you being scammed into paying for hosting fees, set-up fees, monthly service fees, and other hidden charges for your free website? Sure you will make the money back in residual income or you might not. But you can bet that the company that is giving you the free website with hidden costs is receiving a portion of the monthly fees you will be paying. Reputable companies will not charge any additional fees.

Many of the members make several thousands of dollars a month with the program in residual income. This is wonderful! Now you can quit your full time job and make hundreds of dollars with just a few hours of work a day.

Guess what? You have just been scammed again. Residual income is a slow and steady stream of income. It is not a sudden instant money machine at your fingertips. Companies that make claims of fast and quick money are not very reputable. You are promised the moon and delivered a pile of dirt at the end of the day.
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