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YouTube and its Power to Increase Web Site Traffic

Sep 4, 2007
In 2006, a well known site conducted a study to compare the amount of clickthroughs and subscriptions using video hosting websites, such as YouTube and Google Video. They created 28 videos, which ranged from 15 seconds to 8 minutes long. However, all videos had a 5-second promotion at the end of the clip, specifying a website URL telling that the viewers might be interested on. Each video, which were personal and comedy in nature, included a link that drove traffic back to the main website.

All videos used in the study were shot as though amateur publishers created the clips. However, the entire video production of 28 short clips cost around $9,500. All videos had no promotional content, no product placement, no sales message and no tricky segue to a sales patch found on the landing page. The study not only focused on increasing web site traffic, but also the conversion of traffic into subscriptions, clickthroughs or sale.

In two months that the 28 videos were uploaded in YouTube and Google Video, they were viewed over 320,000 times without any fee. Moreover, aside from the considerable increase in web site traffic, 1.5% of viewers became newsletter subscribers. Compared to Pay-Per-Click advertising that costs 30 cents per click, YouTube is more powerful in increasing web site traffic because at no cost, they achieved the same number of new subscribers through the 28 videos.

If you really want to increase web site traffic using YouTube, The Wall Street Journal suggests tips in creating YouTube videos that will generate a massive buzz.

First of all, you need to understand that beauty still reigns supreme. Just like television shows and movies, people search for attractive people in YouTube. To prove that beauty sells easily compared to other niches, you should Google's "ultimate traffic bait internet porno stats", which received more than 350,000 views because of the beautiful girl it featured.

Another tested trick is to build a network or fan base that will follow your YouTube success. Just as LonelyGirl15, which had a large network of subscribers, became a smash hit to the Internet community. Of course, to increase web site traffic using videos, you need to create as professional looking as possible. Once you received regular viewers, you need to be consistent and highlight videos that your viewers find interesting.

Since you are using YouTube to increase your web site traffic, your niche is already chosen. However, you should remember to place your URL on every video that you create. Otherwise, any potential subscriber, customer or visitor will not find your website. If you're interested in more valuable tips to increase web site traffic via YouTube, use Google to find YouTube Traffic Generation Sites.
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