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Assessment Center Exercises - Key Facts You Must Know

Sep 4, 2007
These tests may include giving a new employee a role-playing situation as close to a real life situation as possible and watch how they react and evaluate their skill set.

Assessment center exercises provides information that would otherwise be hard to get. Most often employers cannot judge these things without seeing and evaluating someone 'on the job'. This is just one element of an assessment center exercise.

Another option is where a potential employee may be put in an informal social event, to judge their social skills and how they use this time to ask important questions, in a casual situation.

Prepare Well For Your Assessment Center

You should never drink alcohol at these events even if pressured to. Information sessions are the time to shut up and listen unless you have timely well thought out questions (which are really important, so don't miss the opportunity).

Don't just speak so someone will notice you, because it will probably have the opposite effects on the assessment center exercise.

As we discussed earlier, assessment center exercises usually include tests and like the name says, exercises. This is all done to gauge the skills and real world work potential of prospective employees. Assessment center exercises will also include group work and an interview.

All designed to measure the skillset most likely to be successful actually in the job, such as, customer focus, flexibility, challenge and results focus.

Be Yourself - Don't Waste Time Trying To Beat The System

There is really no fooling the test. You should just put your best foot forward and be yourself. Assessment center exercises are designed so you can't really cheat or act like someone else. They are comprehensive enough that if you are acting like a phony it will show. This does not mean you can't do a little preparation though...

You can prepare yourself for assessment center exercises by first reminding yourself that these are results oriented experiences. They will be watching - and scoring you - for how well you can produce results in a group dynamic

If you have worked with groups in your academic or previous work life, that will help you prepare for any assessment center exercise.

Watch And Evaluate Others - And Learn

Evaluate how you did in those situations, what you would have done different and if there was someone in your group who really got things done in a positive way examine how they did it.

Try to fill a role in the group that is not being filled and offer ideas and suggestions. That shows the assessors that you are flexible and willing to take reasonable risk which is impressive.

Don't try to get noticed, just get into it and you will get noticed for the right reasons. An assessment center exercise is real world experience and if you don't do so well on one portion, don't sweat it, you have other portions to make up for it.

It's important that you don't try to be someone you are not. Show them the true you and all you have to offer. Follow the instructions, keep the nerves in check and go for it.

And remember, even if you do not do well this time, it is good practice for the next time, as long as you take the opportunity to learn and progress.
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