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Dental Practice Tactics - Make Your Customers Your Marketing

Sep 5, 2007
Are there customer service improvements that your dental practice can make? Would increased marketing help your bottom line?

Improving your dental practice is an admirable goal. Many stick to the status quo and are happy there. If you are reading this, likely as not, you are not one of them, since every dental practice has room for improvement.

Get Online And Build A Resource For Others

If you are looking for more business, internet marketing is a good place to start. Starting off by taking the time to set up a professional website, with some solid content. This can go a long way to increase consumer interest in your business.

There is often a dental practice on every corner in big cities and if you can practice some solid internet marketing, your dental practice is the one that will get noticed in your city. If you can write some articles and post them on your site, including what are called 'keywords' in your articles so the search engines can find them, will increase traffic to your site and thus increase your profits.

Through becoming 'the' dental authority in your community your reputation will soar. Your dental practice has to be a good neighbor to get good word of mouth. Putting out a monthly newsletter and distributing it however you can, with lots of tips for better dental care, and even coupons for discounted services (where allowed), will make a start for you.

Here's where you start using business marketing tactics like the best of them. Maybe even offer a few basic services at discounted rates.

Get Your Customer Service Just Right

Your dental practice has to show kindness and generosity to each and every patient. It is too easy, for those in customer service, to get burnt out and forget who pays their bills. You need to remind your people often, through training as well as other incentives.

Ask your customers to fill out a customer service survey on their way out, giving the sort of instant feedback that will keep the employees of your dental practice on their toes.

By referring to your patients by name - first name even - you build a great relationship that will add value to your practice. Cater to their fears of dentistry if they have them, by letting them know it is normal and you understand. Do whatever it takes to make them comfortable. Offer existing customers a referral bonus. A nice gift certificate can really motivate people to sell you to others. Make sure to give your customers a pen or a magnet with your dental practice address and phone number - something they will find useful and hang onto.

Any way you can get your brand out there is good - and a dental practice is the perfect blend of professionalism, business and one-to-one customer service opportunities to make your business thrive.

There are all kinds of environmental changes you can make to your dental practice to calm nerves. Cool, calm colors, soothing art and easy music to put them at ease. There is an art to customer service that once perfected will give you more patients than you can probably handle.

That's a great problem to have.
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