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"Advanced Confidence Training" for Corporate Motivation

Sep 5, 2007
One of the biggest problems in the business world is the inability to manage and control stress. Stress is most often associated with delivering on critical business objectives under time pressure, compounded by ambiguities in premises/goals and complex interpersonal dynamics. Any lack of inner confidence can cause even dispassionate, well-meaning disagreements on the purely professional plane to be experienced as a challenge to the ego or the self. When people are, for whatever reason, propelled into the realm of emotional stress, cognitive and rational faculties suffer to the detriment of otherwise sound business and management decisions.

Emotional stress triggers habitual mental responses and associated energy-draining effects in the body. These reactions, ingrained by past experiences, are unwittingly and unavoidably projected on the present, where they cloud ones view of (1) what is actually happening, and (2) how best to act. Although this cycle is very common, it is often difficult to recognize and even more difficult to overcome. The logical solution is to reprogram one's automatic stress responses.

Human reflexes are stored in the brain and transmitted through the nervous system. In order to change current reflexes, you need to reprogram your nervous system. You can compare this to a computer program. Once the program is written, it works by itself. It is the same with your reflexes. You train your reflexes to produce a certain outcome as a response to an initial input.

In self-defense, this input would be the attack. Once the attack is in progress, good reflexes will keep you safe and in control. If these reflexes are trained properly, it is easy to apply them in the business world as well. The principles are always the same. They are about winning and loosing. In today's business world, we use analogies such as "killing the competition" etc.

The "Advanced Confidence Training" provides physical exercises that plant good and useful reflexes into your nervous system. It helps you find and grow your inner confidence to become more successful and happier.

The secret is a unique and highly effective reflex training methodology rooted in an ancient Chinese martial art that has been enhanced by the insights of modern neurological and biomechanical sciences.

Before your cognitive mind can generate and experience stress, your body has already taken care of the threat just as you pull your hand instantaneously from a hot stove before your mind can even register the pain of burned fingers. The implications of this principle are enormous: if the most stressful scenario imaginable becomes a non-issue, nothing in the business or professional realm can ruffle your confidence. Rational decisions prevail; effectiveness is enhanced.

True inner confidence allows anyone to stay calm and relaxed, regardless of circumstances. This calm and relaxed state of mind allows participants to make the best decision that keeps the overall goal in mind. Every executive knows that this is extremely important and will determine the success of a mission or goal.

In addition to very practical and realistic self-defense, the "Advanced Confidence Training" offers three profound benefits for businesses.

1.) Ingrained wisdom: Bodily movements learned through the "Advanced Confidence Training" become a metaphor for life wisdom in action. Fundamental lessons about effectiveness are deposited in the body, where they filter into the mind and eventually guide all enterprises, including business and management. Fluidity of movement is directly related to the level of confidence. Our technological society is constantly changing, and fluidity is the only way to keep up.

2.) Team building: The inherently cooperative nature of confidence training builds a bond of camaraderie among participants. When coworkers and colleagues become partners in their mutual empowerment (especially in physical activities), they begin to relate to each other in positive new ways.

3.) Enlightened Management: The "Advanced Confidence Training" can provide executives and managers with an in-depth view of their employees at their attitudes, aptitudes and challenges that is simply unavailable by other means. Employees, who may be skeptical of team building exercises in general, will be enthusiastic to learn practical self-defense.

Key Success Principles

ACT 1: "Take Advantage of every Opportunity!"

This first principle focuses on defusing a potentially dangerous situation before it escalates.

ACT 2: "Address Threats and don't ignore them!"

The second principle focuses on a very specific set of movements that allows you to control stronger opponents easily. By learning to use these principles to control a physically aggressive opponent, you'll learn critical techniques for controlling any high stakes/high stress situation.

ACT 3: "Regroup and Find New Opportunities!"

If obstacles are too big or too strong, participants learn to apply the techniques learned in new ways.

ACT 4: "Follow through and Win!"

This final principle teaches participants the most advanced techniques in realistic self-defense scenarios.

Good reflex training is important and should be priority for everyone with ambitions and goals in life. Reflexes keep you young and in shape.
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Ingo Weigel, a Chicago-based martial arts expert has dedicated his life to teaching a self-defense discipline that is simple and effective for anyone, no matter what their size or strength. click here to read more
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