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How To Channel Your Entire Mortgage Marketing In One Direction For Maximum Results

Sep 5, 2007
It doesn't matter whether you're using business cards, fliers, door hangers, reports, postcards, newspaper/yellow page advertising, direct mail, or a call-capture system...all of your marketing efforts should be designed with a single purpose and objective...identify and capture the information of new mortgage prospects.

The easiest way to do that is to channel everyone to one place, and that place is your personal mortgage website. When you think about it, it makes perfect of sense.

You're already involved in a marketing programs that are generating mortgage leads for you, and you also have a personal mortgage website (or at least you should). Combine them effectively and watch your mortgage business grow even faster.

Here's a specific example using fliers along with your website:

Now, if you're like most Mortgage Professionals you use fliers or brochures periodically to promote your products and services and generate leads. Unfortunately, you may not be getting the maximum benefit from your marketing material. To do that, you need to combine your flier with your website with "your call to action."

The most common "call to action" that I see on mortgage marketing material is the infamous statement "Learn more at www.yourwebsite." There isn't a single reason given to visit the website, other than the "learn more" enticement. Boring...and, no thank you...I'll pass!

With some very small adjustments to your marketing strategies, you could easily double your response rates. In fact your response may even be better than that. The nice thing about this is it only takes a little extra effort on your part.

The only thing you need to do is make folks want to visit your website. It's that simple! There are no instructions to download, no manuals to read, and no mortgage marketing programs with which to invest your money. Simply replace the "learn more at my website" statement with a really good reason for people to visit your website. And the reason you give; offer them a really good "reward."

Now they'll want to visit your website and when they do, they are impressed by the information they found and the great "reward" you mentioned in your mortgage flier. Goodness, they'll even fill in their contact information in exchange for that "reward." Plus, they'll probably "bookmark" your website so they can visit it again in the future and possibly notify their friends of your web link.

The key to making this work is the "reward." You need to come up with a "reward" that people definitely want. I'm not talking about a one or two page report like "Valuable Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know." I'm talking about a valuable resource of information that people want...that people are willing to down load...and, that people are willing to leave their contact information to receive.

Your "reward" needs to be targeted to the audience that received your offer. Offering great information as a "reward" always works and is simple to deliver. But, your information has to be done properly and look professional. Identity Theft is an example of a hot topic in the minds of most people today. Capitalize on the fact it's newsworthy and provide valuable information to your prospects. Whatever your "reward," it can be delivered using email and if you have an auto responder connected to your website, that's even better.

Your email list will be automatically updated and maintained for you and your new contact will become apart of your drip marketing system receiving your scheduled mortgage marketing messages. You are providing something of real value in exchange for the opportunity to gather information and communicate with a prospective client.

Incorporate this simple concept into all of your marketing efforts and channel them the same way. You'll dramatically increase your leads, your marketing costs will decline, your database maintenance costs will be less, and a good portion of your follow-up marketing will now be automatic. Yes...that means "hands off." What more could you ask for?
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