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Pay Per Click To Boost Your Income

Sep 5, 2007
You're about to discover how you can succeed with pay per click (PPC) advertising, particularly Google's Adwords. Once you become aware of these factors, you'll find out how to go from failure to success. There are significant elements for you to leverage and learn from other marketers mistakes and experiences in order to cut your costs while boosting your profits.

Don't Give Up Too Quickly - Studies have shown that most Adwords advertisers fail because they give up too quickly. They expect to earn money quickly and easily by setting up a campaign and wait for money to roll in, without any further action. Wrong! It takes research, adjusting and experimenting to fine tune a campaign for success.

Come Up With a Strategic Plan - Planning is a key success factor for all kinds of business activities, including PPC. To succeed with Adwords, advertisers should plan their strategies, budget, and actions for both short term and long term success. Failing to plan means sure failure.

Use Lots of Creativity - The practice of internet marketing and PPC online advertising is an art, not a science. To increase your chances for success, you should strive to come up with refreshing, novel ideas for your ad copy and creative strategies for testing your PPC advertising campaigns all the time. Don't write dull, boring ad copy - be outgoing, even outrageous if the situation warrants.

Systematically Test Your Campaigns - With PPC advertising, you must constantly test everything in a systematic way, so you'll know what's working and what isn't. You should test all the variables - keywords, ad copy, landing page and anything else that can have a direct effect on your successful outcome. Sometimes just a simple change in a headline can double or triple response. Test, tweak, then test again.

Understand Your Market and Prospects - There's no doubt that the more you know about your market and prospects, the more opportunities you'll find to earn money. You have to put yourself in the prospect's shoes. You have to think like your prospects. Most Adwords advertisers rush to set up their PPC advertising campaigns, hoping they'll generate profits without any additional intervention. Big mistake!

Develope a Strong Keyword Bidding Strategy - Bidding strategy is one of the most significant aspects of PPC advertising. The golden rule of winning the game is to avoid the bidding war! Most new and failed advertisers don't even have a keyword bidding strategy. They just bid the maximum amount they think they can afford and hope for the best. Should you bid on phrase match, exact match, or broad match? Should you try to buy your way to the number one position, or should you settle for third or fourth position?

Find a Profitable Niche - PPC advertising is similar to the auction game. With this in mind, keywords will become the first critical factor for success and winning with PPC advertising. You should also consider using negative keywords. Without a profitable niche and negative keywords, you risk losing your money. Effective keyword research is one of the most important processes for assuring your success with PPC.

Design Your Landing Page for Success - Make sure the ad copy on your landing page is hard-hitting, so that you can convert those costly PPC prospects into paying customers. The conversion rate of your landing page is a critical factor, so give it the attention it deserves.

Use Cutting Edge Software as Your Secret Weapon - With the appropriate software, it's easier for you to develope, manage, monitor, track, test and evaluate your PPC advertising campaigns. There are keyword research tools, keyword bidding software, campaign management software, monitoring and tracking software and even programs that let you spy on your competitors.

Most advertisers don't invest in these tools, because they think they can do everything manually or use free tools. Practical experience shows that specialized purchased tools can help advertisers a lot in terms of effective researching, managing, monitoring, tracking and evaluation. The money spent on tools can be quickly earned back thru increased profits from more effective PPC campaigns.
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