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The Secret To Creating A Network Marketing Lead

Sep 5, 2007
What's the secret in attracting a network marketing lead? Is there one way above all the other methods which can guarantee you a steady stream of prospects?

Sure is and do you know what it is? It's plain ol' marketing. That's right, marketing! The problem with most involved in this business is they forgot this aspect of their business.

Simply get your opportunity in front of as many people as you can and you'll find yourself swamped with interest.

Marketing To Win

When I first got going in the MLM business I was fortunate to join a group of network marketers who had a strong plan which worked like a charm. It consisted of flyers and advertisements backed up by a solid follow up system. Do you know what the best part is? I didn't have to harass anyone I knew.

This was in the days of off line marketing and I lived in a country where it was OK to deliver fliers. My flier was a four-page wealth building report and I recognized the concept of promoting my offer to as many people as I could pretty quickly.

I pounded the pavement week after week delivering my fliers and while it initially seemed a waste of time, the fact was within a short space of time I started getting calls about my offer.

The best part was these calls continued months after I had delivered my information and the only cost to me was the cents on the dollar I paid for the fliers and the exercise I got from distributing them.

Even better, not once did I have to contact a friend or family member to take a look at my offer because quite simply, I didn't need too!

Add Value To Your Offer

Attracting a network marketing lead with a value-added report and massive exposure was a cinch. Combining the principles of adding value and marketing was so powerful it cannot be understated.

That was effective 10 years ago. Today the internet has come into play and while promoting oneself off line is still effective, it's even more effective online simply because the ability to gain massive exposure for your offer is now worldwide rather than concentrating on a specific area of your neighborhood. There are no restrictions to where your network marketing lead can be attracted from.

Marketing correctly and constantly means you don't have to be the best network marketer on the planet to succeed. You just have to put your offer out there and combined with offering your network marketing lead something of value, watch the magic happen!
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