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Top 3 Root Causes Internet Marketers Fail And How You Can Avoid Them

Sep 5, 2007
Internet marketing can be a very confusing world to get involved in when you are first starting out. First of all, there seems to be an infinite amount of information out there about how to market a product or service to make money online. Just do a google search for 'internet marketing' and you will get 367,000,000 results returned! It's very easy to get overwhelmed by the vast amount of information.

So here are the top reasons that 95% of people that market online fail and more importantly,let's analyze why 5% do succeed and how you can be in that elite 5% of flourishing internet marketers. Let's get down to the root causes and not just analyze the mechanics of why internet marketers fail:

1. Giving Up Too Early

Isn't this the reason most people fail in anything they do not just internet marketing. I mean, think about it, most people start something new with excitement and anticipation and in the beginning they probably see some improvement since when you are starting there is nowhere to go but up. But, inevitably at some point, disappointment occurs.

This disappointment may be in the form of buying some product that promised to do something extraordinary but after purchasing it, you realize that it is inferior and worse yet, you can't track down the company to get a refund even though you were promised a '100% Satisfaction Guarantee'. If you have been marketing for any amount of time, you have probably experienced this, I know I have.

Another form of disappointment may in the form of not hitting your goals as far as income is concerned. Most people have expectations of income when they market anything online whether the income expectation is explicitly written in the form of a dated goal or simply stored in their subconscious memory, the expectation to make a certain amount by a certain time exists.

When this goal is not reached, which is the case with 95% of new internet marketers, disappointment occurs and most people react by finding some 'excuse' that prevented them from achieving success in their online business, so they quit or they come up with some other reason that stopped them from succeeding. When in reality, their 'disappointment' is simply one of the necessary stepping stones to internet marketing success.

The most successful internet marketers are also the ones that have failed the most. But, they learned from each failure and in most cases were glad they failed because they know it is part of the process of mastering anything in life. So, prepare yourself for some setbacks and disappointments, do not look at them negatively, rather see them as blessings, and as incredible opportunities to sharpen your skills as an internet marketer.

Here's a tip, since you know you are going to fail at some point, why not fail quickly learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off and go fail again. As long as you learn from each mistake, your success is inevitable. This is the fastest way to succeed in internet marketing. However, a word of caution, never do anything or buy any product or service if you
cannot afford to fail.

If failing at something as an internet marketer will leave you homeless or bankrupt, then do not do it. You must be able to afford to fail. If you cannot afford to fail, then do not do it because if you are new at it, you will most likely fail at some point. This is not being negative, it is reality.

Do not give up at any point in your internet marketing career because that is a surefire way to fail. Restructure your thinking about failing and instead of getting upset, analyze what went wrong, make some adjustments and get back in the game immediately. Remember, each failure brings you closer to the success that you desire in your online business so stay with it.

2. No Written Clearly Defined Goals And Action Plans

There is power in writing something down like a goal on a piece of paper and when you attach a date and a compelling reason for pursuing an online business, your probability of success has increased dramatically. Why is this so? Well, first of all having all this written is great but the real secret is reviewing this written material daily. Yes, that's right, you need to review this stuff each and every day, preferably multiple times a day.

Review this material daily, by the way you need not take 30 minutes of guided meditation to do this, just put your focus on the material you've written down for 2-5 minutes each time, skim through it. Review how much money you see yourself earning from your home based business, when you see yourself making this money and why you want to make this money. Do not skip the reason for doing an online business because this is the key to it.

So why bother with all this writing and reviewing, after all I got enough things to do in my life already, right? Well, remember earlier we said that giving up too early was one the main reasons internet marketers fail in their online business, one the main reasons they do give up is because they have not programmed their minds for online business success.

What do I mean by this? We are constantly being bombarded by information from newspapers, television, radio, friends and family. Unfortunately, most of this information is not ideal to developing a psychology that can handle failure and persist no matter how tough things may seem in your home business.

In fact, most of this information just makes you want to quit your online business endeavors, am I not right? This is where reviewing what matters most to you when it comes to your internet business and keeping it front of you and in your conscious memory everyday comes in. When you review your reasons for wanting to make money online, and you do this daily, you are in essence re-programming your mind for online business success rather than failure which by the way is the default setting if you do not take charge of this process.

Pretty simple stuff, yet 95% of online marketers do not do this. Why? For some, it is lack of knowledge, this of course does not apply to you, you now know. For others, it is distractions that get to them, they get caught up in their short term daily routines rather than stopping and asking themselves what really matters to them and then taking the vital steps necessary to design that life.

There are patterns to success in online business, and I guarantee you that if you were to analyze the most successful internet marketers, and in general the most successful people in the world in their respective professions, this is a pattern that will show up time and time again.

So, do this step to its fullest and you will already be ahead of 95% of internet business owners out there and will be on the fast track to internet marketing success.

3. Lack Of Commitment

An online business is still a business and requires a certain level of commitment. There is no free lunch. Yes, it is much simpler than a traditional brick and mortar business and it can be run completely out of your home but do not let that fool you into thinking that there is no effort involved.

On a side note, most people fail to commit to their online business because they simply do not enjoy doing the activities necessary to make it a success. So I urge you to find different online opportunities to earn income and research different way of marketing your business and stick to those that you enjoy.

If you find yourself doing something that you do not enjoy and it is one of those things that is necessary for your online business success then,what you need to do is change your focus. Ask yourself this simple question, 'What can I enjoy about this?' or 'What is good about this?'.

Consistently ask yourself this question and your brain will give you some answers that may change the way you look towards that activity.

Remember that focus produces results and a lack of commitment means that you are not focused towards your internet marketing career and your results will be compromised. Cut out some hours of television, find ways to add time to your online business career. The results are worth it. Stay committed.

Stay in the game, do not give up even when all hope seems to be lost in your internet marketing career, because the next step you take could unlock the floodgates of abundance to your online business. Write down the reason for pursuing an internet business, attach a date and income expectation and review this information daily.

Make it a habit. Do it once when you wake up and once just before you go to sleep. Keep it simple. Put in the time to learn your trade as an internet marketer, there are specific skill sets you need to acquire and some of these you cannot buy and can only be acquired through a dedicated commitment and through experience. Enjoy pursuing your home business.
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