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Traffic Tube: YOUR Key to Online Visibility

Sep 6, 2007
If you're reading this, there's a great chance that you have discovered all about the "traffic tube" trend and wanted to know more information. Video marketing is now one of the most powerful ways to market products and services online, while YouTube is the most powerful video-hosting website that allows any amateur or professional to use their website as a video marketing platform. Combine video marketing and the power of YouTube and you've got yourself a successful traffic tube.

Video marketing + YouTube = Successful traffic tube.

So what does traffic tube really mean? You need to understand that recreational internet surfing has taken over television as the largest recreational activity. By the start of 2007, an estimated six billion people, in the United States alone, use the internet. From Google's acquisition of YouTube in late 2006 until today, YouTube is getting more traffic that CNN, MySpace and the ever-popular Ebay. This proves that YouTube traffic can really help in increasing online visibility to your business, products or services.

How do you start a traffic tube campaign?

In order to use YouTube as your marketing plan in driving website traffic, you should do your homework and know what majority of internet users are interested in. Most of the time, YouTube viewers are attracted to videos with that are shocking, funny, gross, interesting, weird, personal, instructional, inspiring and sexy. If you've created videos of these natures, there is a higher chance that your short clip will generate considerable views.

The next thing you should consider is the concentration span of viewers. Be aware that there are millions of videos uploaded in YouTube. If you are unable to catch the viewers' attention within the first few seconds of your clip, then they might stop watching and skip to another video. Ideally, a video length of 2 to 3 minutes is the best.

Although YouTube have no rules about professional video publishers, it is best to ensure that your video is clear, sound is good and message is conveyed. Even as amateur video makers, you can demonstrate your product, promote your business, market a brand, promote products and advertise services through your videos.

After uploading your video to YouTube, your traffic tube campaign is not yet complete. You need to choose keywords wisely so people can find your videos based on its theme or niche. Your keywords should also appear on the title, tags and description. Use only a few targeted keywords for your video, but remember to include your websites URL in your description.

As long as you keep your viewers entertained, laughing, interested and touched by your videos, you can drive them to your website and increase online visibility in no time.
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