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3 Ways to Use Other People's Content to Boost Your Profits

Sep 6, 2007
Repurposing your content is an ingenious way to make more money with less effort. So is repurposing other people's content.

I'm not talking about plagiarizing or stealing someone else's ideas. I'm talking about using information that is already out there and repurposing it into a format not already available so it appeals to new and different audiences and directs those audiences back to your core message.

Here are three examples of how to boost your profits by using or repurposing other people's content, including two case studies of successful business strategies.

Compilation Book

Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time by Richard Hodgson is a wonderful example of a repurposed book. Richard took all of the sales letters he had accumulated from friends and colleagues during the 40s, 50s and even before and compiled them into a book. It's an amazing book, and it sells for $69.95. It's an incredibly resourceful way to make money from a book. And you can do the same thing with your own books.

A great example of repurposed articles is AdvantEdge by Nightingale Conant. What is Nightingale Conant? It's repurposing other people's products, whether it's authors like Zig Ziglar, Jay Abraham, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy or Mark Victor Hansen.

The AdvantEdge newsletter, which goes out to subscribers, includes powerful insights, excerpts and articles from Nightingale Conant's best-selling authors. The newsletter then directs readers back to the AdvantEdge site to purchase books about personal development, business strategy, wealth building, mind and body, spiritual growth and sales training. So by repurposing other people's content, Nightingale Conant is making a bundle.

Other People's Topics / The Public Domain
Your imagination is the limit when it comes to repurposing information in the public domain, or information that's free from copyright protection.

I know there are many books that are public domain. For example, certain books like Sun Tzu's The Art of War are public domain. You can add a few paragraphs or write a special introduction. You can put in a beginning and an end and you can apply it to whatever business you're in. Boom! You now keep 100% of the profit because it's in the public domain. Mozart's work is public domain. If you just hummed Mozart, you could sell it and keep all the profits.

You can use public domain materials to help you in your marketing by not having to reinvent the wheel. For example, you can use a chapter of a book as the basis for an article or use an entire book as the basis of a teleseminar. Because many government materials are public domain, you could base a special report, manual or article on a government-issued booklet or pamphlet.

Using your creativity to repurpose other people's content is an inspired way to leverage existing content and save yourself time, energy and money. Because you and your message are unique, they emanate through the content and continue to help you attract new audiences to you and your message.
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