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How to Manage Your Time When Working At Home

Sep 6, 2007
When working at home, you have the advantage of being able to choose the hours in which you work. This is probably the most appealing benefit. Sometimes, though, if you have this kind of power, you can get into a habit of procrastination.

Leaving your work until the last minute will not get you into trouble unless you get it done late, but having such a large work load to do in such a short amount of time is hard on the nerves and generates stress that could have been avoided. So what should you do to change? Learn how to manage your time so that you can more effectively do your stay-at-home job.

Schedule time out of your day for work. It does not matter what time of the day in which you do your work, in this case. You could do it standing on your head on main street in the middle of the night, as long as you get it done in the time provided.

Either in the morning or the night before, you should plan how much of your work you are going to do, and about how long it will take you. It doesn't matter how many days a week you choose to work or how many hours you work in a day. It only matters that you get the amount of work done that you need to within the time given, and the best way to do that is to map it all out.

Leave time for fun things too. One of the most beneficial reasons people choose to work at home is because they choose when they work and when they play. Though planning out your work schedule is important, it is important also to leave time to yourself and to your family.

Whether you spend this time in leisure, exercise, family outings, or household work is up to you. The thing that makes having a job at home worthwhile is the time you are allowed to spend as you please.

Don't leave it all for the last second. Working under pressure is difficult. That's probably why you got a stay at home job, so that you didn't have to work under someone who was hovering over your shoulder making sure that you got your work done on time.

But being able to choose when you do your work is like when you were in school and had to do your homework. If you chose not to do it until the morning it was due, you probably didn't take time to do it well. So if you procrastinate doing your work, it's only going to get harder.

If you spend fifteen minutes making half the effort, you're not going to get the result that you would have, had you spent thirty minutes making a complete effort. Get into a routine.

Getting into the habit of avoiding procrastination can be difficult, especially since our job isn't our first priority. There should be things that come before your job, but managing your time so that you can fit all of it into your schedule is key to having a happy life and a successful job.
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