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Guaranteed Free MLM Downline Signups!

Sep 6, 2007
Ya we've all heard that before! Wouldn't it be nice to have a system that pumps people into your downline for free? The old something for nothing caper, beware! There do exist cost efficient, proven online systems to funnel hungry, qualified leads straight to your inbox, which you can then put into your downline. Not only are these system proven effective but also save you massive amounts of time and money! They are also the exact same systems the big dogs prancing around on stage in their $5000 suits use.

So how exactly do these systems work, what's the minimal cost involved and why dothese systems beat all other traditional methods used in direct marketing hands down.

Guaranteed free mlm downline signups- you have to be cautious anytime you see the word free! Direct marketers have become quite savvy these days enticing you to sign up for a free e-book to capture your email, tel# and home address. Once you're in the system they put your info through an auto responder that drips emails into your inbox on a timeline of every 3 days or so being the norm.

The email drips are completely automated and offer you advice, free information but above all their products/services they want you to purchase. This pre-sells you and qualifies the seller as an individual with expertise, someone you're willing to invest in to hear what solution they have to your solve your problem with.

Now imagine for a moment having access to a similar system yourself. Hungry mlm'ers, frustrated that their dream downline didn't magically produce itself within 90 days are looking for a better way. No surprise since 98% of all mlm'ers fail. This is due to unrealistic and archaic marketing methods like plastering cars with flyers and spending all day on the phone cold calling (you got into business in the first place to work less not more I hope).

So they are your market, let's get that straight! Who better to market to than people who are already sold on mlm and ready to invest in an easier way to do business? I'm letting all my secrets out on this one, but its all good. MLM is great if done properly.

Now imagine these hungry mlm'ers downloading your report, which directs them straight to a sales page of an E-book for less than $100 that promises the end all to their worries. Regardless of weather the person buys or not you have already started to build your list or roster of mlm prospects you can now put in your auto responder drip.

But wait, it gets better than this! Imagine if they do decide to buy the E-book or product that means you get paid a commission for building your list of prospects to eventually introduce to your business and downline. So you are getting paid to harvest qualified guaranteed free mlm downline sign ups! Not right away perhaps, but somewhere down the road (within 3 months is the average time people stay with a single program before looking for greener pastures) they will come to you, and ask you how you are having success at putting between 5-15 people a month in your business each month.

Your only job is to advertise the system itself and let the web page do the selling. No more calling and pestering people to join! You collect cash for your time and effort to advertise the site when people decide to buy the E-book.

How can I set up a system like this you ask? It gets even better. You don't have to. Use someone else's system that is already in place and generating success for others. For less than 100$ you can get access to use a similar system by becoming an affiliate and be up and running in as little as a few hours.

If you haven't yet caught onto the benefits of using a lead generation system through the Internet yet, let me fully explain:

1) You'll never have to bug, pester or convince friends or family or anyone for that matter to join your business ever again.
2) You will harvest quality leads while you sleep, literally.
3) Some of these leads will PAY YOU to harvest them, instead of paying to buy leads (most of which are old and out of date or disconnected).
4) You make money regardless of weather people join you business or not.
5) Filter the serioso prospects from the bunch and build relationships with them (as an expert) who might one day follow you in whatever program you are building.
6) Offer a really great product that fills a huge need and helps mlm'ers including you.
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