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What is an Auto-Responder and Why Should I Have One?

Aug 17, 2007
An auto-responder is a vital internet marketing tool which can boost your profits substantially. It is a program that captures visitors' names and email addresses when they sign-up to your newsletter, and follows up with them by sending pre-written and formatted emails back. These emails remind your visitors of the products/services you have to offer, and gives them more information about them.

It's okay to just have a website, and/or a sales page. But without a newsletter to follow up with your visitors - many of whom won't buy from you the first time they visit your web site or sales page - you may be losing customers and sales right off the bat. A newsletter is a must, and the easiest and most effective way to follow up with your visitors on a regular basis is by letting an auto-responder do the work for you. This way, your visitors will get something of value from your pre-written emails, start to trust you as a good source, and eventually it may lead them to make a purchase.

There are many free auto-responders, which is great if you have a limited budget. However, you have to be careful with free versions because when your visitors get the email newsletters from you, they will have other people's advertisements at the top. It is better to upgrade and pay for a better auto-responder service which will automatically delete other people's ads from your emails, and send only your information. This way, your visitors will not have a chance to click on other people's ads - they will only click on your ads and links. This can be an important factor in making sales. Many auto-responder services will give you special bonuses for upgrading, such as free ad exposures, so it is definitely worth upgrading.

It is crucial to have an auto-responder for the following reasons: It saves you time, energy, and money because it is automatic; It gives your visitors multiple exposures to your products/services so they have a chance to think about what you are selling them before buying anything; It establishes trust with your visitors because you are providing them with free and valuable information; It will help build your subscriber list so that you can make contact with your subscribers any time you want, and send them broadcast messages for special promotions!

The task of creating your own newsletter/email series that your auto-responder will send out to your visitors can be very daunting. That is why the Plug-in-Profit site is so easy. Not only do you get a free web-site set-up, but you get a built-in auto-responder service that sends out a series of 400-pre-written, professional emails when someone signs up for your newsletter. The work is already done for you! It can't get any easier than that!
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Liane Bate had a web-site set up for free with a pre-built, fully functional auto-responder ready to capture and follow-up with her subscribers. Visit:
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