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Tired of Small Business Phone Systems That Result in Missed Calls and Engaged Tones?

Sep 7, 2007
In the age of the internet there are now services that offer a small business phone system that can act as a virtual switchboard or sit alongside an existing switchboard. These types of services liberate the small business owner, enabling them to provide customer services that once was only available to larger companies.

Not only are these services well within the budget of most small companies, you can be freed from utilizing the small business phone systems that major telecom companies offer. This essentially allows you to shop for a business phone service that provides the services and prices you need.

Quick Tips On What These Services Should offer
*Eliminate missed calls and engaged tones
*experience virtually unlimited simultaneous calls using a 1 number
*get calls wherever your staff are: office, your mobiles, home-workers or even overseas
*Service your customers even if the office is closed
*Employ with or without a switchboard
*Reduce capital and operating expenditure
*Simple, transparent pricing
*Money Back guarantee or even better get a Free Trial

So How Do These Services Work?
*They allow all the functionality of a traditional switchboard to handle your incoming calls
*No equipment needed because you access your services via your own private control panel on the internet
*If you already have a switchboard you can use it to enhance your services and provide a much more elastic call management service
*Fully scalable, the services can grow with you to support your business growth seamlessly
*cut capital and operational costs: no hardware, no service contracts, no maintenance contracts, no insurance.
*No technological skills required and no engineers to pay for, you manage services directly via a simple set of controls on the web
*Not tied to utilizing the business phone services of any one company.

There are a variety of companies offering these services. Stop looking at standalone business phone systems they are costly, have a time squandering learning curve and maintenance costs can really eat into a small business purse. Why tie yourself to a particular telecom company either, just because they offer a small business phone system..? Knowledge is power in any business.

Another aspect of many of these upcoming telecom services is that you can opt for a voip business phone system, though this can be expensive for those on a tight budget. It can however be a god send to a small business who has staff scattered across different geographic regions.

Another aspect of small business liberation comes to those who utilize a business phone number for marketing purposes: i.e. a devoted line for customers to ring following a promo in newspaper etc. Any small business using these services reckon they are stuck with a particular telecom provider, as they do not want to loose the number they have spent cash marketing.

Now you can get numbers that are independent of any telecom provider simply by using this type of small business phone system. A modest fee will be applicable for an extra number but in some cases you can pay as you go. Note though if you take a number on a pay as you go basis ensure that payment is not automated else you could end up paying up for the service long after you need it!

Now you are fitted out, with information to permit you to look for the most cost and service effective small business phone system that is available on the market today. Stop beating a path to the door of antiquated, time and cash draining services and systems.
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Mary Aldoseri runs several websites and blogs in the telecoms industry. For more info on business phone services
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