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Getting Your Business Noticed With Internet Marketing

Sep 7, 2007
Many people have been asking me recently on how to start the branding process for their website or company. I am going to give you some tips in this article on how to start the branding process with little or no money at all.

One of the most important things of your business or website is your logo. Having a logo that stands out from the crowd is a plus. Placing your logo in the right place on your website is also critical. Make sure you have your logo above the fold and at the top of the site. If you dont have a logo call us we can help.

Another free tool which is one of the greatest tools I use on a regular basis is ezine articles. By writing articles and submitting them to ezine you will get noticed and it will increase the traffic to your website.

Not only will you receive more visitors, Google snatches up these articles fast. This will help your website get found much easier and get credit from the search engine as well. Make sure you use keyword relevant titles for the articles. Also include some keywords in article as well. This seems to help.

One other factor for branding is your domain name. Try to acquire a domain that is short but catchy as well. People tend to remember shorter domains but also explains what your website or company is all about.

With all these email programs out there you should be using them to help brand your website or business. Create a signature file for your business so that every email that is sent out includes your business phone, name, website and logo. This will help your clients establish a relationship that can be trusted and shows them you really mean business.

Now we will get into what goes well with your signature file you created. You should always have custom thank you pages on your website or for your business. When someone fills out a form on your website, whether it be a lead or sale, you should have a page it redirects the visitor to after the form is submitted.

This page is called a thank you page, it should have a nice message stating someone from your company will be in contact with the visitor or thanking the visitor for the sale. Make sure you include your logo on that thank you page.

Other than thank you pages, you should also create auto responders. An auto responder is an email that is sent out to the client after a visitor fills out a form on your web page or creates a sale.

This should be custom with the users name and a little note saying thank you for your order or thank you, someone will be contacting you shortly to assist. A great program I have used for this is Aweber. You can can also host with us at Web Coast Concepts, we provide unlimited auto-responders for your website at no extra fee. They are really simple to use.

Write content and write some more content. Publishing free articles is a great way to help brand your company. Get noticed by articles you post. Have a blog on your website and submit some of those articles to websites such as Digg, Delicious and ezine.

As we stated earlier in this article posting to ezine and other free article services increases your chances of being found and also creates a buzz about your company or website. Do not post all of your articles from your blog to other sydicates. Keep some on your blog so the original article is the only one on your blog.

By doing these little things I mentioned, It can help your website get off the ground much faster. It is the little things now that are changing in the search engine optimization world.

By Doing these little things now, it not only helps the branding of your business but also helps the optimization of your website and get higher rankings in the search engines. SEO is no longer just title, keywords, and other meta tags. Its changing in a very big way. Next article we will talk about the changes in search engine optimization and what you can do to keep on top of those changes.
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