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5 Tips for Starting a Child Day Care Center

Sep 7, 2007
Are you interested in how to start a child day care center? Well, if you are, deciding to start one is exciting, but you need to put in some thought in order to be fully prepared for everything. Here are five tips that will provide you with basic information that you need to help you get started as soon as possible.

Whether you are a home mom who wants to start a home based business or you love kids and you want to build a successful business career around them, you can be sure that you will need a full-proof business plan for it.

Once the decision is made to start a child day care center, you will naturally think what you will need to know and do before you can begin building a successful business.

First, you need to do a research to see if there is a high demand for day care centers in your area. There is absolutely no point in opening up a day care center in an area with very few children. It is also good at this point to gather information from the relevant government regulatory bodies for childcare services.

At the next stage of planning, you will need to look at the business in terms of your strengths and weaknesses. Some of the areas that you need to think about are:

- Do you have the necessary skills to manage a day care center?
- How are you going to set up the business?
- Are you going to start small with just a few children then build on that or are you going to hire people to work for you?
- Do you have enough money to start one?

Collect all the information and work out a business plan that lays out step by step all that you need, what to do and when and how to go about it. Design a business plan that meets the regulations of your area. You may look out online for information to guide you with the on what is needed to start and run a successful day care center when doing your business planning.

There are also various guide books about starting a day care business. Once you have the knowledge of how to set up a highly profitable and successful day care business, you have to build on it and do it right. Check with the local government to make sure that you meet the requirements in terms of meals, area per child, the maximum number of children per teacher that is allowed, fire and safety regulations and whether you need a registered nurse.

With so much to think about, it seems a nightmare having to start a fully functioning child day care center. You may want to consider starting off small by providing baby-sitting services and then with your knowledge and experience you will be ready to take a leap from your baby-sitting service to a full-time day care business.
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Miriam Boh is an entrepreneur and writes for StartingDayCareBusiness.com. To learn how and what is required to build a profitable child day care center business from the ground up easily and quickly, visit http://www.startingdaycarebusiness.com.
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