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Affiliate Profits 101 - The Three Essential Steps To Building A Huge Business With Less Effort!

Sep 13, 2007
In the previous part of this article we carefully looked at the options an affiliate has today, and all the benefits the internet brought with it. Now we know all that, we are going to focus on a technique that will kill your business if you don't use it!

The technique I'm talking about is one of the biggest parts of any kind of marketing, but especially important for affiliate marketers. This marketing technique is called "List Building", and basically excists out of:

1.) Building A List
2.) Maintaining A List
3.) Profiting Over And Over Again

When you forget one of these three essential steps your business will most likely react on it, in a way that's not preferable. But when you follow these steps, beginning with one and ending with three, so in the right order, you can't lose the game of affiliate marketing.

This is so important because most of the affiliates lose their visitors to the subscribtions of the merchants. Affiliates don't think about recycling those leads for more money, building a relationship with them, and building a core element of their business. That is where they are going in the wrong direction and will eventually give in, to return to their 40+ hours/week job again. But that's not where you are going, if you follow my directions.

1.) Building A List: You need a list of subscribers who are eager to buy the products you provide. That is the whole point of getting targeted subscribers, which is discussed so often. Once you got them in your list, you need to feed them a lot of information before they trust you.

Create a relation with them by providing good information, reviews of products, the best news and throw in a lot of your personality too. By doing that you get more personal with them and you can brand yourself, the personality you have becomes a new brand... When you are good enough, people will talk about you more and more and that's just like having a commercial at the Superbowl saying "Your Name"

2.) Maintaining A List: Update your list every once in a while to deal with spam laws, people who did not confirm subscription and the unfamous bounces. When you do that you let the laws and nasty people far behind you.

Also write regularly to your list, with red-hot information. Don't let them starve, or kill them with all the junk ads. Send a mail out twice or three times a week. I recommend you do one or two mails with an article, updates or a free gift. Then use the other one for your sales messages, pitches and reviews of products.

3.) Profiting Over And Over Again: If you follow the above two steps you will create a following over a period of time. They don't just become subscribers, but when threated well they can all become friends or fans of you. They'll mail you with questions and comments, when they don't hear from you in some time they ask if you are ill or something.

Cash On Demand

When you abide to these three steps of building lists of subscribers, you will have access to your own goldmine. They will do your will, when done right. Your subscribers will do whatever you want them to do, follow in your steps and they will buy whatever you recommend!
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