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Sep 17, 2007
Unless you have been living in a cave over the past few months you have been hearing about blogging and why it is a good idea to have a blog for your business. Blogging for business can be a good thing if you do it right. Let's take a look at why you should start a blog for your business.

- Why You Should Blog

Blogs give your business credibility. Using your blog as a way to keep your audience up to date on what is going on in your business, your industry, and your local marketplace improves your image within your marketplace.

You can also use your blog to build traffic to your commercial site and to build a list of interested prospects. All of these issues are solid tools for marketing your product or service online.

- Blogging Is Great For Your Customers

Blogs are not viewed the same as a typical website or sales page. The postings are often less formal or are presenting readers with interesting tidbits that entertain or inform about your topic or industry. Regular postings that draw the attention of your target market will build interest in your product and establish you as an expert as well as create a good relationship with your prospects.

Since you can offer subscriptions to your blog through services like Bloglet.com, your prospects can easily receive notice of your recent postings right in their email inbox. By regularly posting relevant information your prospects will look to you first when needing the service or product you provide.

Since many blogs offer readers the ability to post comments you immediately provide an opportunity for feedback or questions. This can clue you in to what your market needs or thinks, which can quickly be responded to in your next post.

- Blogging Is Great For Increasing Traffic

There are several methods of traffic buildings with blogs. One method is through the blog provider. Often the provider offers readers the option of searching for blogs with a word or phrase. Using that phrase in your blog or title will bring interested visitors.
The other method is through search engines. Search engines love fresh content and blogs make this easy.

Simply ping your blog to other media (this announces your update) and the search engines will pick it up. Using commonly searched words and phrases may give you the top ranking you were looking for. You can also link to your business website with the phrase and increase traffic directly to your sales page.

Finally, you can add an RSS feature to your blog. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows other websites to run the content from your blog. Every time you make a post the information will be automatically updated on sites featuring your RSS. This is attractive to sites with topics related to yours since they will benefit from the fresh content and you will benefit from the exposure.

To summarize this article you really should start a blog of your own. It can be good for your business and a great way to attract and keep new customers.
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