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The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home

Sep 20, 2007
Many people think that working from home would be a dream job. Unfortunately, for many it is difficult to find a balance between their working hours and their offtime hours. Before you take the plunge into starting your own business you should consider carefully the following positive and negative facts about owning a home business.


1. Independence

Rather than having to answer to a boss, you can do what you like. No one else is telling you what to do, no one else will be able to mess up your hard work. You also won't have to depend on anyone else but yourself. Your days of being told what to do are over. You can even work in whatever dress code you like.

2. All The Money Goes To You

Most of us know that by working for someone else, we are making them money. If we didn't, they woudln't keep us on their workforce, right? This can leave many people wondering just how much profit is being made off of their hard labor and wondering if they could have that in their pockets instead of someone elses. Working from home makes you the boss and as such, all profits will go to you.

3. No More Commuting

If you commute to and from work you know that it can be timely and expensive. The cost of gas is constantly increasing and as such you can really save a lot on bills if you work from home. The money you save in and of itself might suprise you. Imagine the average worker that takes an hour to get up out of bed, get ready for work, get dressed, and then drive to work. Even if you save just two hours every day that adds up to over two days per month. Now imagine if those two days per month instead of being used just for commuting were used for billable hours - even if you only billed $10hr that's over $480.00 extra cash per month you could be making.


1. Liability

There's no one there for you if you do badly one day. If you don't do the work, you don't get paid. People like certainty in their lives (thats why they spend big bucks on insurance) it can be hard to live with this ultimate step into performance-related pay. You might find yourself quickly wishing you had a regular paycheque.

2. Work Never Ends

One of the most common mistakes people do when they work at home is to constantly want to monitor things even during non-working hours. Eventually working hours become every hour of the day and it becomes very difficult to find a moments peace. You might get up sweating on your day off in the middle of the night with worries about how something is doing. With a regular job, you can sleep peacefully knowing that your pay is assured.

3. Doing Everything

Often home business owners need to save as much money as possible because they are just starting up. Not all the money you take in is going to be profit. Marketing, stock, delivery costs, and so on really add up. Suppliers and customers and other things in addition can become a problem. Many sucessful home business owners know that theyre not experts in every field and will hire professionals to do things like their business cards, their website, their marketing, and so forth.
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