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Start An Online Article Directory And Rake In The Cash

Sep 21, 2007
One of the newest and best ways to make money online is to write articles and starts an online article directory and rake in the cash. Article marketing is the a booming business on the internet and the great thing about articles is that any one can make money from it. Most people have written enough in their life times to be fully qualified to write world wide web based articles. Most newbies to the world of article writing have a hard time adjusting. When you start an online article directory and rake in the cash it can be hard to produce enough web site content to make it profitable. However, there are a few tricks that freelance article writers use to make their jobs easier. Most writers can write several articles a day and even an hour. This is the perfect way to make some extra cash and live stress free.

Most of the articles for an online article directory are simple and straight forward. We are not talking about great pieces of literature just an article that has some valuable information and key words which will help search engines find that article. The content of these articles is supposed to be casual and not be like a paper on economics. Conversational articles can be the hardest to write because they often break some standards set by academia. Certainly you have more freedom when writing articles. If you want to start an online article directory and rake in cash you can do all the writing yourself.

You need to write as if you were talking to a really close friend or family member. Grammar does not have to exact and the goal is to make the reader comfortable so they will keep on reading. Below are some steps so you can start an online article directory and rake in cash.

Topics! Make sure you pick topics you know something about. The goal is to do as little research and possible and write from experience and your own unique point of view. Right now, make a mental list of five things you know about and could teach someone about. Consider hobbies, past times, crafts, and even care maintenance. You want to write about things that you can comfortably talk about.

The goal is write in a conversation style. This does not mean no editing. Make sure your grammar is decent and you do not repeat information. Obviously we use slang and short cuts in regular conversation. We also use short sentences, half sentences, and the occasionally grammar mistake. If you want to start an online article directory and rake in cash you should start writing today and build your fortune!
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