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Search Engine Optimization Myths

Sep 21, 2007
The secrets of getting a good page rank in Google is out in the open. Many who have achieved the coveted top ten positions have told us how they did it. But so many of us are confused by it and still believe some of the older myths that can be found everywhere. This article will expose some of the myths about search engine optimization.

Myth 1 - Only The Experts Can Do SEO Correctly

A couple of years ago this may have been true. But now, there is so much written about SEO and how to get it right, that there are few reasons remaining why you should not understand the basics of it. It is no longer necessary to seek an SEO company to optimize your website - unless you simply do not have the time to do it, but they will gladly take your money, one way or the other. It will take some reading, but after you find out each important thing, be sure to apply it to your web pages!

Myth 2 - Experts Can Guarantee A Number One Position

Not true - at least not in any way that will really matter. Your goal should be to get to the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) using the keywords that people would normally use when looking for the information that you offer. An SEO company may promise that you can have that position - by using keywords that don't really matter - so what.

Myth 3 - Just Put As Many Keywords On The Page As Possible

The goal of the search engines is to provide people with valid information, not a bunch of incomprehensible garbage. The programmers of the search engines know this, and they also know that people (advertisers) will pay more for real results. Therefore they program their spiders to be able to detect between phony pages and real content. You win when you give people what they want and use a keyword frequency of about 4-6%, or one keyword phrase per paragraph, or just slightly less than that.

Myth 4 - Search Engine Optimization Is Not As Effective As Marketing

In both cases, it depends on how each tool is used - either one can be done poorly and have poor results. On the other hand, excellent marketing can be greatly profitable, and so can good search engine optimization tactics. But what is even better - is an excellent combination of both. Having excellent SEO web pages will definitely help bring in greater traffic from the SERP results - this is what you want. The truth is that SEO tactics should be considered an essential part of your marketing campaign. General marketing works by targeting a lot of people - many of which are not interested. But search engine optimization strategies that bring a good page rank will bring to your door people who are definitely interested in your information, and possibly your products. They are a targeted audience that you can profit from by a newsletter, or other similar means.

Myth 5 - Any Keyword That Brings Traffic Is Good

This is definitely not the case. Good traffic may not mean anything when it comes to dollars and cents. It only means that they are interested in the keyword you used. The goal needs to be conversion - how many visitors on average does it take to make a sale. This should indicate to you that further search engine optimization is needed. For some reason, your visitors may not be buying. If you are using pay per click, it means you may be drawing the wrong crowd. By learning more, you can fine tune your pages and keyword list, and get the results you need.

Search engine myths remain because those who should know better simply aren't taking the time to study. Search engine optimization "secrets" are really not secrets at all -but can be found all over the Web - just waiting for you to learn them.
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