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Avoiding Home Business Scams

Sep 22, 2007
Quick now, what would you guess is the biggest financial problem on the inter net today? If you thought, avoiding home business opportunity scams, you are right! Residual income opportunity offers, unfortunately, are a major source of these scams. Not every opportunity offer is a scam.

Offers that you are not experienced enough to handle yet are similar to this because you are just not ready to handle them with your underdeveloped skills. These advanced programs are going to waste your money because you still lack the preparation to work them even though they are legitimate. Wait until you are ready for them to avoid discouragement.

Many online opportunity schemes are legitimate and many are not. I have tried many more of them than I can remember so I can give you some solid experience about this subject. One sign of a low quality scheme is where they say you have one hour or even minutes to sign up before the price goes up to join it.

If you see almost any scheme on the market days, weeks or even months later and refuse to pay a higher price, most of them will give you the lower price. If they are good the same opportunity will usually be around tomorrow also.

One trick I learned was to save the sign up page in my favorites file when I was too busy or short of money to buy a good looking offer at the time. A few weeks or even a month later I clicked on my saved favorite link and the offer came up at the old price and I bought it after having saved the money and thought it over.

When clicking to the basic url of the company the new price was up, and higher, but I got the old price. Saving the email link has also worked with this legitimate trick. Probably because the old link was replaced, but not taken down, by a new one. Learn these two above lessons and park them into your mind.

Never buy a residual or other MLM offer when you cannot afford it. When I have been doing well in various team business opportunities I have had to, out of conscience, refuse to let entrepreneurs join my team when they were too far in debt.

They belonged to more home business opportunities than they could possibly handle. Many of them have come back to thank me for this later.

Many of these business opportunities are honest and can give you a good income with your efforts to develop it. To sort the good ones from the bad you need to learn the evidence that shows up to detect a scam. Avoiding these dishonest schemes can get you started on the right income path sooner.

A major clue to money wasters is when they ask you to pay for a job. Sound familiar? Stuffing envelopes for example. To get experience you are better off getting low pay quality offers for free.

If the company gives you sample products that can be sold for an honest profit it might be worth it. Direct sales jobs demand their reps buy beginner product kits and that is okay.

If you get nothing but air for a product then the red flag, within you, should come up. Bogus excessive charges for shipping and administrative fees and processing are a clear signal to forget the pretend opportunity.

They will often tell you that signing up for an opportunity, carrying charges, is to sort out the non workers. They can just say that the opportunity requires work and that will get rid of free loaders fast.

There are loads of affiliate and product opportunities all over the inter net that are cheap and require very low investment. The trend for many years now has been for the lower priced businesses to be the better start out ones. Many affiliate programs give you personal links to their web sites and you can spend almost all your budget on marketing their products alone.

eBay classes by proven marketers are very cheap and even give you products, in the classes, to sell on eBay. The newly emerging audio book market offers links to terrific web sites that are yours to promote for almost nothing. Article directory sales groups offer you totally built web sites to promote with Ad Sense ads sections pre built into them.

Here are some more things to be on the look out for when it comes to avoidance of wasting your time and money. Consider these points with every enterprise you consider. Knowing these will save you time and money on junk that will never build you an income.

Products and services should be real. Boy is that neat! should cross your mind when considering products to promote. If you like them or see a genuine need for them chances are others will also. If nobody would buy them then the chances of making an income from selling them are nil.

Will the company hand hold you until you can sell your goods completely on your own. Support is almost always the key to success in affiliate or business opportunities. The sponsor and the company should be willing to support you without having a, bothered by me, attitude about you.

If they keep harping about working with a team, good potential may be there. This is the main idea in most residual income or flat out enterprises. They build a team to work together, consult with each other, solve problems together and give each other support. No support or team usually spells doom for any program.

Does the company clearly show good organization meaning it is built to last? Their reputation should be good. It does not have to be perfect but it should be good.

Management should be mature. They should be solid and show no serious signs of weakness. You should let it go if it does.

It is easy to get started. Sometimes too easy. If they want to talk to you and send a lot of email questions before you start, this is always a good sign. If they just let you sign up without much expense and no interviews, this is okay also because they are just trying to give everyone a chance to make it.

If they like to brag they give lots of training and support, this is great. Be fussy about starting with anyone at first to find the best home based business for yourself. The extra due diligence will save you time and money.
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