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How to Build an Opt-In List

Sep 22, 2007
As you are probably well aware, the money you make on the internet depends on your opt-in list. Everyone pretty much knows this point. The aspect that many people do not know is how to go about building their opt-in list. This article, we will show you how you can get started in building your own profitable, targeted, and successful opt-in list.

No matter what type of business you run on the internet, an opt-in list is the best way to get the ball rolling in your quest to make money. Here are some of the strategies that you should or could implement to get started in building your very own opt-in list.

Offer a Free Newsletter. This is the most common method for many webmasters to begin building their list. Not only can you promote your business, products, and services, but also you will provide real information, offer problem solutions, and earn the trust of the readers. In order to effectively build your opt-in list, make sure, when providing a free newsletter, that you fill it with things that your list will be interested in. Offer solutions, tools, tips, resources, and other useful information.

Subscribers. In order to get subscribers to any newsletter or for autoresponders, you want to have a noticeable and easy to use subscription sign up area. This is generally on the left hand side of every page on your website, most importantly the home page. It should include no more than two sentences explaining why this newsletter will help them and then provide a spot for their name, email address, and a submit button.

Content. The most important aspect to any website should be the content within it. You need to make sure that you provide real, solid, and helpful information that is well written on your website. Before any person will join your opt-in list they will first have a look at your website. If it has high quality content, you have a better chance of getting subscribers.

Use Forums. By posting on forums, providing helpful information and solutions to problems, and then adding a link to your information for subscriptions, you will have a greater chance of adding names to your list. Make sure the posts are legitimate, informative, and relevant, no spamming.

Articles. Either write them yourself or hire someone to do it for you, either way you should be writing articles. This allows you to establish trust in readers, show your expertise, and provide information. In your resource box, make sure you provide them with a link to your subscription information and make sure the articles are well written.

By using the above strategies, you will find your opt-in list growing in no time at all. The key to keep your list and continue on its path to growth is to make sure you are providing the readers with solid, helpful, and genuine information, resources, and tips.
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