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How to Start an Internet Business

Sep 23, 2007
If you want to know how to start an Internet business, listen up. The hands-down most important two hours of your Internet business life will be spent doing only two things: brainstorming and keyword research.


Because brainstorming ideas for markets and researching related keywords will tell you what products to make, and who to sell them to. They'll even tell you how to sell them.

In short, these two activities are like a whole "business strategy in a box." They are the ultimate explanation of how to start an Internet business. Unfortunately, like just about anything in life that falls into the "planning" category of activities, they often get neglected.

However the harsh reality is that your business will fail to make money unless you do these two activities properly.

So, let's look at them in more detail.

Brainstorming is all about looking for ideas that suggest a particular market or type of customer to sell to. This is the ideal first-step because if you find people with money to spend, it's relatively easy to find something to sell them.

I like to bounce over to Amazon.com or Ebay and look at what's selling. Amazon is cool because they will show you the best sellers, as well as the various series of how-to books.

The For Dummies series is my favorite indicator. There are hundreds of titles in this series, and chances are if there is a topic covered in a For Dummies book, that means that there is a pretty reasonable sized market behind it.

Browse through these titles for ideas about what markets to sell into.

Ebay is interesting too, but for different reasons. Ebay is like the ultimate marketplace of new and used goods. Browse through the category listings on Ebay and see what categories are most popular.

Where are the most items listed for sale? How many people are bidding on them? What has been selling well recently? What are people trying to get rid of? What are people looking for?

The amount of market research information available to you just by browsing through the categories on Ebay is tremendous.

Make a list of the top 10 most interesting markets that you find on Amazon and Ebay, and then move along to the next step: Keyword Research.

This keyword research step is probably the most important one and the one that will guide you most effectively when trying to figure out how to start an Internet business.

For keyword research, you can use a variety of tools, and often people counsel you to use the free Overture Keyword Suggestion tool. However, my experience has been that the reasonable fee that Wordtracker charges for their keyword service is an exceptionally good value, and I always use Wordtracker for my research.

One by one, go through your list of potential markets. Enter each market term into the Related Keywords box and when the resulting terms appear, you will find dozens - possibly hundreds - of related words for you to look up.

Then simply click the related keyword and watch all the results appear on the right side of the screen. In an instant, you can see exactly which keywords people are typing in when they are searching for products or services in each market.

This tells you quickly and clearly not only what people are interested in, but exactly what they're using to try to find it on the Internet search engines.

What a goldmine of information!

After going through all of your markets and ammassing a huge list of keywords, it will become much more clear to you where the biggest market opportunities lie for your Internet business.

So, whether you plan to create your own products, or to sell other people's products as an affiliate, or to create an Adsense content site, or even to build a mailing list of prospects for later marketing, you now know exactly what to promote, and what words to use to promote it.

This will be invaluable in creating products, promotional materials, website content, advertising campaigns and more.

So, if you are unsure about how to start an Internet business, start with the brainstorming and keyword research step. It really is the key to success on the Internet.
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