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Dreams Do Come True! You Can Build A Company That Can Be Different.

Oct 4, 2007
Do you ever wonder whether your dreams will come true? Our dreams are coming true! Bryan, my partner, and I have envisioned, dreamed, believed and worked towards having a company that brings full solutions to the merchants and companies that we serve and work with.

What does it take for your dreams to come true? It takes holding on to the vision, and believing in the dream, and a lot of hard work. It takes others, like our family members to see what we see, and if they don't, believe in us anyway. Your dreams of a different business can be a reality.

If you were to ask me 18 months ago, if we were to ever have our own company, I would have told you that you were crazy. It really wasn't even part of my thinking. After being involved in sales and in the merchant service industry, we began to see a need, one that required integrity, quality service, and being much different than others. I've always been told if you see a need, you need to try to fill it. We saw and believed that we could make a difference in the marketplace. So we decided to make the plunge and be different.

Make your company different. How? Different companies think outside the box. Kevin & Jackie Freiberg in their book Guts!, talk about "companies that blow the doors off business-as-usual." Recently I was asked what made us different besides our emphasis on integrity and service. My response was how we really treat our clients and our employees/agents. You see, many companies don't walk their talk. We have always discovered that actions speak louder than words. We also wanted to be different in another way.

It's easy to do just one thing, and some people tell you that to do it right, you need to focus on one thing only. In the Merchant Services industry, credit card processing is a very important life blood for merchants and companies today. If you don't provide it, you should, because more customers will buy from you. (National statistics claim up to 30% more income once you start taking credit cards.) Some sales people and companies only focus on that however.

But we believed that a company should really focus on the complete financial needs of merchants and companies. That's why our company not only provides credit card processing, but includes business & retail check solutions, ATM sales, wireless credit card usage, Mail Order/Telephone Order options and internet eCommerce, including web site design/consultation.

Be solution oriented. Can companies do too many things? No! We have discovered that merchants and companies need a full range of financial options to affect and grow their bottom line. The people we deal with have appreciated that we have been able to provide options they had never considered before. There's a company that we approached for credit card processing, but very soon discovered instead that they needed accounts receivable conversion and in house recurring billing, and the results saved them hundreds of dollars every month.

Then there's the company that needed not only credit card processing, but an e-Commerce store and a unique web site and we were able to provide the entire solution without the owner having to outsource to several companies, saving him thousands of dollars.

You see, no matter what business you're in, it's all about providing additional value. It's all about giving service. It's all about sharing solutions. And, doing all things with Integrity, Service and being Different from the norm.

Do dreams come true? Well, let me tell you that they can come true! Yes, and they can come true for you! Dare to dream and dare to be different.
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Paul Donihue is a Successful Merchant Level Salesperson and President of a business financial solutions company in Ohio. You can view the various solutions they offer and his blogs at http://www.bedrockmerchants.com/
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