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Online Paid Survey Tricks And Tactics

Oct 4, 2007
Ok, here's the thing, corporations around the world literally spend billions upon billions of dollars trying to attract your (the consumers) attention.

A large chunk of these dollars (around $800 million to be exact) is spend in market research. So, what is exactly market research? It's where companies get the opinions of consumers about certain products either before they are launched to know what market to launch it into, or existing products to find out what needs to be done to revamp and improve them.

Usually it's the former, where corporations are getting your ideas and opinions on launching a new product.

Having access to the internet has opened up a whole new ballgame in how these corporations go through and contact the consumer. Now, it is possible that you as the consumer can go through and find and contact these companies, but the companies are likely to not bother talking to you.

You see, what they do is go through a middleman. Rather then trying to contact the consumers directly, a 'survey distribution' is setup, where a company will offer access to several hundred companies all seeking the opinions of their potential customers.

There are two possible approaches you can take.

Approach #1 - Free Online Paid Survey

There are websites out there that offer a free service, you sign up to their 'list of companies' and in return, they will give you access to these companies and their surveys.

The problem with these, is that most of them don't offer what they say they offer. It usually ends up being a bunch of spam that can more often then not waste your time.

Approach #2 - Online Paid Survey (Signup Free)

The online paid survey sites (where you yourself have to pay as well) follow the same process that the free ones do, except for one small detail. You have to pay to have access to them!

Now, for some people this might be a problem, but in reality, you get what you pay for.

Don't be a scrooge, most programs cost around $30-$35 to join, so it's not like they are overly expensive, especially considering the kind of return you can get for yourself.

So there you have it, oh, one last thing, when you join up for these programs, you'll likely end up with an inbox full of emails, so what might be a good idea, is to setup a separate email address (say a gmail or yahoo address) that you can use exclusively for your online paid survey account. Also, make sure that you whitelist the email that you will be receiving the emails from, you don't want them accidentally going into the spam folder and you missing out on some great opportunity.
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